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CMX512-2700C2 bad


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My system has worked perfect for almost a year, and I get a blue screen in Xp about detecting a memory error and shut down the system. After reboot the system does dot see the one of two modules. I swapped modules and same thing. I pulled bad module and tried in my other system (Abit MB) and it does not see this module.

My system is a Soyo KT333 Plat.Ed. with 2 modules of 512 CMX512-2700c2

AMD XP2400+ and ATI 9700pro.

Second system is AT7-Max2 Abit w 2 modules of CMX512-2700C2 with AMD XP 2800+ and ati 9800pro

Both have been running perfect for almost a year. Now my system has been running for 2 days on the other module with no errors or problems.

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