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I've been looking for a manual, but (except the 4 pager no luck).


I have used and also sold many 800D's to clients, however, My Storage Controller has never been able to "stay cool enough."


My thoughts were the new case would solve this problem, and so far no luck so any help would be appreciated. The good thing is this WS has a specific use. Creating Virtual Machines for clients and I use CS6 to keep our website updated.


My problem in the 800D was keeping the controller cool enough, It's an LSI 9271 8i, with 8 x 240GB Max Iops SSD's, about 1.72 in size, The array is backup each night and on demand, to 2 WD 2TD DAS SATA3 and 1 x 2TB SATA2 Samsung, just for PIT-snaps. I selected an EMC Isilon for the company storage solution, but that of course will only back up fine and not restore an 8 drive RAID array at the Block level using 1 TB spinner. My problem in the 800D was even with an added fan in the next slot, anytime running a load drove it over 60 C. The only think I use on the Mainboard for storage are two opticals. That is it, I use ne slot PCIe3 to boot with.


Am all I should be looking at are simple all outtake fans anyplace I can find a spot and Lasly, LSI did send me another card. No lucccck the card is fine, it's just darn hot. Thank you.


ERP Solutions & Auditing, LLC


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C: +1 617-510-0443


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My suggestion would be modifying the side panel of the case to accommodate mounting one or two 120mm/140mm intake fan(s) to provide constant positive air pressure blowing directly onto the LSI 9271-8i card. That should provide the necessary amount of airflow for cooling for the card.
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