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Old 08-11-2015, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Coco-Ta View Post

here it is my (BAD) experience moving from CL v3.1.5770 to v3.2.5676:

-I did these steps given here.

-Then I see that in CL\Options\Devices that I have:
*Corsair Hydro Series 7289 USB device: v3.3
*H100iGTX Cooler: v2.3.0.0

JUST THE SAME as before with 3.1.5770. It is said that v3.2.5676 would update H100i GTX firmware to v1.3.3. As I don't know if any of those numbers are related to "firmware version", I am not sure if it has updated or not. If those are not "firm ver", how can I tell which one I am in?

On the other hand, after opening, closing or after restarting system, in CL\Options\Devices I sometimes see those 2 Corsair "devices" 'Corsair Hydro Series 7289 USB device' and 'H100iGTX Cooler' on the left column (as ALWAYS), but other times they appear listed on right column (and on left the other non Corsair devices). This seems to be a silly thing but it is weird...

I cannot "get rid of W10 incompatibility message" doing what it is said here: here. Seems that that command is not working for my system... ¿¿??

On the "how it works", well:

-Seems to "respect" my devices and has not forgotten them and added new clone ones... (just 1h in use so too soon to assure anything).
-I have set the colours on 255,1,1 instead of 255,0,0 and I see it is "blue", but I don't really care that much.
-Before, I had the premade GTX H100i GTX fan curves as follows:

*Quiet=Default: Fans ran at 800-900rpm (SILENT)
*Balanced: Fans ran at 1300-1500rpm (NOTICEABLE) (I swapped between these two when on desktop/gaming)
*Performance: Fans ran at 2000-2200rpm (AERODROME). I only used it on some tests. It is louder than my other 14 fans on max rpm...

BUT NOW ON 3.2.5676 I have lost the minimum margin of rpm and now I am this way:

*Quiet=Default: Fans run at 1300-1500rpm (NOTICEABLE). This is the NOW mosre silent profile and it is absurd for desktop usage.
*Balanced: Fans run at 2000-2100rpm (AERODROME). It is louder than my other 14 fans on max rpm...
*Performance: Fans ran at 2200-2300rpm (AERODROME). It is louder than my other 14 fans on max rpm...

--->As it can be seen now we only have 1 USABLE profile and it is absurd to have that noise/rpm when on desktop we GAIN NOTHING from going to those 1500rpm to 800rpm.

On both CL versions the "manual" minimum % rpm was pof 40%, but it seems that the "premade" curves got rid of that; now they don't. It is silly to have not the ability to manage the speed of a fan in 2015...

-I keep NOT HAVING system tray icon for the CL application. When I FIRST installed and it autoran, I saw the systray icon was there, and I setted to only show notifications, but after restarting IT IS NO MORE (as when I installed 3.1.5770)
-I keep being asked to "SAVE CHANGES" from profile... BUT I HAVE NOT DONE ANY CHANGE AT ALL. I created 3 profiles (now really 2 are the same -see above regarding fan speed curves).
-Pump has the same 2 modes and work as with 3.1.5770: Quiet (1800rpm) and Performance (3000rpm).

-Custom fans work as before (don't work) and I have not tested the LED colour change when H100i GTX Temp goes above x temperature...

Also I don't understand if I have or not have to add to H100i GTX group the LED/fan and pump of the H100i GTX... as I have tried both and nothing seems to change. And it does not allow me to set those sensors to other temperature, for example CPU temperature.

And a question: Is thta H100i GTX temperature a measure of the CPU done by Corsair device or a coolant temperature made by Corsair device?


PS: Also comment that as with 3.1.5770, sometimes some mobo temp measures (that I don't mind as I have them monitored on working software -HWInfo64 among others-) gos to red and claims to be -1ºC... If I were in Antarctica maybe...[/spoiler]
Originally Posted by Coco-Ta View Post

I am only for 1 day on new 3.2.5676 and so far no "more attack of the clone" devices issue... but when on 3.1.5770 I used to avoid touching anything when that happened and restarting system usually worked. I think it redetects the devices using new "PID" or whatever it is called in the OS. So if you erase everything and create new profiles... MAYBE when restarting again it looks for the old-now-erased devices/profiles and have the same problem again.

Best is to not change the sensor position (just aesthetics) nd try to restart; if it keeps the same, then you'll need to do all that... And if you create a copy of the profile and apply over the "new" devices I had more issues... so I just don't erase/recreate profiles...

On the "strating screen" on CL... yes, I have it too, but it seems my system is a hobo and I MAY BE THE ONLY ONE not having system tray icon for quick access (even if people claim that you had to go to full screen window to make the profile changes take over).

On the other hand, is there any way to associate "hotkeys" to CL profiles (I think that is not an available option at this moment...). But it could be done, as any other measuring/control software to swap on the fly.[/spoiler]

Well, well... yes, I have not had duplicated or 0 readings devices yet but... for 2 last PC starts, I had to reboot because:
-Applying profiles did not work (stayed the same).
-Forcing on H100i GTX fans or pump any premade curve did not do any change, either.
-Besides, the CPU fan and H100i GTX fan did not match in rpm, as it usually does. These times it says CPU fan is ~1000rpm, and H100i GTX fan ~1400rpm. I now regret not having looked at HWInfo64 to see the REAL measure... I just detected and quickly rebooted. But as I expect many of these "weird behaviours" in the close future, I will post what it is very soon, I am afraid...

PS: No "spoiler" tag???

Old 08-11-2015, 04:13 PM
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Post Same issue.

Originally Posted by LoWRiDeR82 View Post
Guys I have windows 10 and downloaded the latest 3.2.5676 version.

It works quite ok except one issue. On startup it cranks the fans of my H110i GT to the max, and they stay like that unless I click on each fan so that the custom curve setting column appears. I don't need to change any setting I just need to select each fan individually once and they go back to normal.

Can someone suggest a fix for this so that I don't have to do it every time I reboot?

Many thanks in advance
This! I have a Corsair Commander Mini with my H100i plugged into that. For a total of 10 fan connections...

Lucky that I only 6, so I only have to click 6 fans at a time (RM PSU is only for RPM read) to get the custom curve to work on after boot... There are 4 linked to my GPU temp and 2 to my CPU temp, it makes no difference...

Its quite annoying and duplicate temp sensors from my GPU remain an issue aswell... Others things like my CPU Temp and such seem to work alot better then before, I must say, there is improvement, but there is also some remaining issues! Atleast it now detects my H100i all the time instead of only 30% of the time (thats why I had no fans plugged in on it)

Old 08-11-2015, 08:11 PM
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So my H80i firmware did not update until I uninstalled the software and connected it to my motherboard via USB instead of connecting it to the Commander Mini......SMH..

Red shows up as Pink unless it 255,0,0 geez

Old 08-12-2015, 01:47 AM
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Thumbs down With the new 1.1.3 firmware Red is Pink unless you set 255,1,1 rather than 255,0,0

Originally Posted by Specter View Post
So my H80i firmware did not update until I uninstalled the software and connected it to my motherboard via USB instead of connecting it to the Commander Mini......SMH..

Red shows up as Pink unless it 255,0,0 geez
I expect you mean With the "fixed" 1.1.3 firmware Red shows up as Pink unless you set 255,1,1 rather than 255,0,0 geez .

I also had to move my H100i to USB ( .

Corsair must be very by this, as obviously they never tested H100i firmware update via a CLCC . I also suspect via H100i and via H80i are broken .

The 255,0,0 issue is mentioned in . The 792094 post needs to be updated to include this H100i/H80i via CLCC issue and the farce with the old Link Commander not working with CL 3.2.5676 . I also feel "Custom Curve bug" is not a sufficient description.

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Old 08-12-2015, 06:21 PM
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Default help...c link does not recognize my H80i GT

hey guys help ... c link does not recognize my H80i GT ...
what can I do?

ps: sorry for my english


Old 08-12-2015, 10:58 PM
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Thanks for your comments everyone. Link v3.2.5695 has been released. As usual, the change log can be found here:

The new discussion thread is located here:

This thread is now closed.
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