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Old 07-29-2020, 10:48 AM
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Default New 680x Build (Need Help)

Hey everyone, I recently just bought my parts for a new PC and I'm having some trouble. I purchased the Corsair Crystal 680x case and the H150i 360mm cooler to go with it. As people have noted in other threads(and what I didn't realize before I ordered it), if you put the 360mm radiator in the front, there is no longer room to put a second top fan towards the front of the case as the radiator lines get in the way.

So my question is, as far as CPU temps and optimal airflow, is it okay to keep using the 360mm radiator on the front and just only put one fan on top as exhaust? Will there be any downsides of having a blank spot on top where you would normally put a second fan?

Or, do you guys think it would be best to return the H150i and get the H115i 280mm cooler for top exhaust? This would certainly look probably look cleaner and actually allow me to populate all of the fan spots. However I've heard that CPU temperatures are noticeably better if you use your AIO cooler as intake instead of exhaust.

What is your opinion? I would like to avoid returning my H150i and ordering a replacement cooler if I can, but I would definitely prefer to have my build have optimal airflow and cooling, and better aesthetics wouldn't hurt.

I'm running an i7-10700k and a GTX 1070 Ti.
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Old 07-29-2020, 03:57 PM
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On paper it would be better to keep the 360, but my experience with the 680 is that the middle fan will give virtually no airflow since only the top and bottom one have somewhat access to air. the front glass kind of kills it.

With a 280 on top, you're at least sure to have no bubbling issues, and if you need extra cooling you only have the top glass to remove. Removing the front panel is NOT quick...

Now, between an air deprived 360 as intake and a 280 as exhaust.. i can't really guess which would be better ^^'. I would personally advise you to chose whichever looks best to you. The case will be the limiting factor in terms of cooling, not the AIO.
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Old 08-01-2020, 06:05 PM
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at least the current build will provide a positive air pressure in your less dust to be worried about (didn't check the specs, but I'm guessing the case has a front dust filter).
That being said, I have personally (!) always preferred to mount an aio as exhaust (I have the H115i mounted on top as exhaust), as then firstly, you don't have to deal with the limiting factor of the front dust filter (which obviously also restricts airflow) and secondly you don't draw in heated (by the radiator) air into your case.
I think there are as many opinions on this subject as there are ppl...just my 2 cents...I know in my config (3 x QL120 intake in front - with dust filter and aio top exhaust - I have removed the top dust filter) gives great temps (I do have 2 QL120's bottom intakes, and a QL140 exhaust in the back), no sound and great performance.

PS: I had first also bought a H150i...but returned it for an H115i RGB Platinum...but just for the RGB :-)

I'd say, the H115i is a nice piece of kit...which will cool your system nicely...if you have the possibility to change it, just do it, and then go and test whether you're better off with the aio in front as intake or on top as exhaust...I think it was Linus who tested these aio's and the 280mm was better than the 360mm if I'm correct.
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Old 08-01-2020, 06:29 PM
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A 280 on top is fine but I would suggest mounting as intake, not exhaust.

Now - why contrary to the others? A couple of reasons.
1) The top glass of the case will prevent warm air from escaping to the surroundings. It'll wind up being a "heat column" and make its way down, killing off your radiator's ability to cool. The 680 isn't the only case where we see this - I have a 280X with the same configuration. We've also seen it on a BeQuiet brand cases.
2) When configured as exhaust, you'll be pulling GPU heat through the radiator. The GPU is actually a larger source of heat in the case than the CPU. This will also increase the temperature of the radiator. Combined with the heat column effect mentioned above ... you're gonna have a warm radiator.
The front fans can provide cool air to the GPU. Use the rear and, if desired, the bottom for exhaust.
But wait! Heat rises, right?
That's a process called convection and it's more that denser air sinks. Now, cooler air tends to be denser but temperature isn't the only factor - humidity is a factor as well. However, convection isn't very strong and is non-existent when you introduce independent, powered sources of air movement (like fans). So convection is not a concern.
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Old 08-03-2020, 10:41 AM
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I would stick with the H150i. The 280mm doesn't exactly fit the front in the same manner. Some people will keep their RGB 3x120, put the 280 behind that, and then another 2x140 on the back side. In the short 680X, I don't think you have room for that with the GPU.

I don't see problem with leaving the top front fan spot open if that is the best resolution. The top half of the radiator is going to vent its exhaust right out that anyway. You still have two fans in the back rear pulling air in the right direction and if you add two more intake fans on the bottom of the case, you will have plenty of force pushing air out of the case.
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