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Old 03-09-2017, 07:17 AM
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Question help ::: H115i with Ryzen CPU on ASUS Crosshair VI Hero motherboard

Funny how someone who has built a whole bunch of computers can become downright clueless and dumb when they try to install a component they've never dealt with before. In this case, an AIO liquid cooling system, the H115i.

- CPU == Ryzen 7 1800X
- AIO liquid cooler == H115i
- motherboard == ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
- power supply == Seasonic Prime Titanium 850W
- case == Thermaltake Core X5 (cube case : horizontal motherboard)
- fan == 1 * 200mm intake fan on front of case
- fan == 1 * 140mm intake fan on back of case
- fan == 3 * 140mm intake fan below H115i radiator
- fan == 3 * 140mm intake fan above H115i radiator
- fan == 3 * 120mm intake fan on side of case (near bottom)
- note: fan configuration creates positive air pressure in the case
- note: entire bottom and one side of case is full of holes (mesh filters)
- note: many other filtered mesh surfaces for warm internal air to exit case

Fortunately the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero motherboard has holes for both AM3 and AM4 brackets, otherwise I'd have to wait the age of the universe while Corsair creates AM4 brackets! Ahem. So I bought a couple AM3 backplates so I can mount the H115i on my AM4 motherboard via AM3 hardware that is included in the H115i product.

I put my H115i coolers on the top surface of the cases with two 140mm fans above the H115i radiator and two 140mm fans below the H115i radiator, with fans blowing downward into the case --- and against the component face of the motherboard since the motherboard is horizontal in this "cube case". I have the configuration set this way because the H115i manual promotes this configuration (and my intuition tends to agree).

The motherboard has the following connectors related to cooling:
     -header-  -max-  -max-  -default speed-  -shared control-
#1:  CPU_FAN     1A    12W    Q-Fan Control         A
#2:  CPU_OPT     1A    12W    Q-Fan Control         A
#3:  CHA_FAN1    1A    12W    Q-Fan Control
#4:  CHA_FAN2    1A    12W    Q-Fan Control
#5:  CHA_FAN3    1A    12W    Q-Fan Control
#6:  AIO_PUMP    1A    12W      Full Speed          B
#7:  W_PUMP+     3A    36w      Full Speed          B

Apparently "Q-Fan Control" is a feature of the BIOS that lets the motherboard owner set what percentage of full power drives the fans/pump (via PWM) for every value of CPU temperature from 0C to 100C.

Also note that I purchased plenty of long 4-pin/conductor fan extension cables and 1-to-3 fan cable splitter cables for any eventuality!

The following cables and connectors exit the H115i pump/cooling header:

#1: 1-conductor cable enters 3-pin female header.
#2: 2-conductor cable enters 15-contact card-edge header (??? SATA ???).
#3: 4-conductor cable enters 4-pin male header then 3-conductors continue to 4-pin male header (missing 1 pin).
#4: loose USB to mini-USB connector cable in H115i kit.

Q1: I don't see any photos or instructions in the H115i manual that show or say anything about the 2-conductor cable that enters the 15-contact card-edge header (that looks to me exactly like the power connector on SATA disk drives). So... is this supposed to be connected somewhere? Or is this redundant?

Q2: I don't see any photos or instructions in the H115i manual that show or say anything about the 1-conductor cable that enters the 3-position female header (that looks to me exactly like a fan connector). So... is this supposed to be connected somewhere? Where?

Q3: Why even have a manual if it doesn't show or say what connectors exist, what function they serve, and where they must be connected?

Q4: Is "Corsair Link" a software application? If so, is "Corsair Link" similar or equivalent to the "Q-Fan Control" features of the BIOS? Should I work with both or just one?

Q5: Does the accessory USB to mini-USB connector need to remain plugged in to a motherboard USB header and H115i pump/cooler head at all times, or is this connection only necessary when running the "Corsair Link" application?

Q6: Where do I plug the various H115i connectors described above into?

Q7: What do I plug into each of the fan headers on the motherboard listed in the table above?

Q8: What else do I need to know (including about where to find and run the "Corsair Link" application, assuming I want/need to do that given the BIOS capabilities.

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Old 03-11-2017, 02:52 AM
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I'll try to answer, others may have better advice...
Q1: Connect that to a sata power cable
Q2: connect that to the CPU_FAN header on your MOBO (now that I'm thinking about it, connect this to the AIO_PUMP header unless you are going to use the corsair link software, then stay with the CPU_FAN header)
Q3: To drive more traffic to their website perhaps?
Q4: Yes, yes, and I personally would run the corsair link software to set the pump speed, LED lighting and then disable it in startup
Q5: I believe it is the latter
Q6: See 1-4 above. except for the H115i cable you list as #3, this is for the fans on the H115i if you choose to control them through the corsair link software (and not disabling it as I suggested in Q4 above), otherwise it can be left disconnected.
Q7: See Q2 and Q6, The rest can be attached to CHA_FAN1-3 directly or via splitters

Hope this helps

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