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Old 09-15-2015, 11:31 PM
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I think those temps are actually pretty reasonable. Could they be better? Yes but they are within the typical range. Re-seating won't hurt but make sure you research the pea method on how to apply thermal paste first via youtube or something. However I would not expect that dramatic a change. I could be wrong but I get similar temps but at 4.4GHz oc on my 3770k
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Old 09-16-2015, 02:21 AM
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Last night I was playing around with the fans and some cable management so my fan setup at the moment is:

H80i fans as intake (i'm guessing fresh air will do better for the cooling than the warmer air inside the case)
2 120mm fans on the front panel as intake (more fresh air)
1 120mm fan on the side panel as exhaust (pulling hot air away from the graphics card

Note that the side panel of my chassis has room for 2 120mm fans but I can't install the second one (the higher one) because of the H80i, there's no room for both of them.

After playing games for 4 hours I can say that the temparatures are pretty satisfying. CPU temp never went beyond 40 degrees Celsius, GPU temp was around 45 so I guess this setup is ok and it's very very quiet.

huawei g8 schutzhülle

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Old 09-17-2015, 05:11 AM
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Well, i just got my self some washers and some Arctic silver 5. Im going to attemp re applying the thermal paste and add in the washers hopefully everything goes well i'll post my results when im done ill try to take some pictures if something was intresting :D
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Old 09-17-2015, 07:14 AM
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Oh god i just had the scariest experience in my life all i was thinking is" what im going to do if i try to boot my pc and it doesn't" but THANK GOD! i finally got it over with i removed the Cpu block to find out that only around 80% of the thermal paste was in contact with the cpu as you can see

i added in some washers and cleaned it off and added some arctic silver 5 and before stress testing i had around 77c top using Small FFTs in p95 v26.6 at 4.2Ghz at 1.130v but now im really HAPPY with my results i still can't belive how low my temps are compared to before here is an image while stress testing

i really must thank you guys for encouraging me to do it if this post did not exists i probably wouldn't of done it!

Update: temps in gta have dropped from being around 63-65c to 50-58

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Old 12-12-2015, 06:16 PM
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Default Temps

Hey there,
I'm new to the forum, but was inspired to join for help with OC and temps..

Ambient temp: about 70 F inside my room (21 C)
Current Idle temp: 29 C (usually like 30)
Max observed load temp: 48 C (Prime 95 stress test after an hour, didn't have patience to let it run)

I have my system at about 4.5 GHz right now with an i5 3570K.
Playing Cities: Skylines takes me to like 42, but I usually don't pay attention to temps while gaming (no logging software yet either).

Maybe I'll upload pics and screenshots later.

(edit): I forgot to mention I have dedicated graphics (less stress on CPU I guess)
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Old 03-10-2016, 01:29 AM
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Just found this thread! Nice! I started my own so here's a link rather than repeat it here. Love it!!!

Oh. Someplace I read that when you set the simple frequency to, say, 20%, it tends to set Vcore high - on mine it did to 1.41 (max is 1.45) So I override it to 1.25 (now trying 1.2). I remembered that when I saw folks with too much heat and not knowing where it came from. This might be only for Gigabyte and AMI BIOS, but dunno...

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Old 03-10-2016, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Bryman View Post
well mine might be slightly high but

ambient temp about 24-26C H80i temp: about 32C at full load and i get about 65C at stock...

at 4.5ghz 1.3 volts with small FFT (yes small fft does make a HUGE difference in temp) it hits 105C and shuts my computer off... :( 4.2ghz 1.25 volts it hits around mines slightly hot but again this is small fft which just ****s up your processor so much its not even ****ing funny its just bull**** lol

idle temp about 35-40C but i dont like looking at idle temp
Okay, I'm dying laughing looking back at the post I made a few years ago...

Anyway, I just keep pump at 1000 rpm with fans at lowest (500 rpm) and the pump temp is 41°C with the ambient temperature in the room about 22°C

I keep my processor at 0.975 volts (stock is 1.125 I believe) at 3.7ghz (stock is 3.5) and my processor doesn't go above about 65

My temps might be a little high for my voltage and clock speed, but I don't really care.. it's well below temps that could damage the processor

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