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Old 02-25-2015, 03:29 PM
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Well done this is actually a version that does not do what it should do, oh wait we already had enough of that. PFFFFFFFFFFFF
Seriously folks maybe it is best to start driver and software development from scratch and maybe a new team of engineers too, thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 02-25-2015, 05:15 PM
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im just angry. no temp readouts. corsair, get your crap together its getting old.

Old 02-26-2015, 03:45 AM
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my ax1000i works perfect with corsair link but h100i is hit or miss. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does't and during gaming/rendering it doesn't raise the speeds of my fan no matter how high the cpu gets which i dont like! Looks like time to get rid of it and go nzxt's new kraken x61 cooler and there new software. Seems to have good reviews and works like advertised!

Old 02-26-2015, 04:49 AM
alucard_24 alucard_24 is offline
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I see that there is no possibility to have a working version..... so, please share the sourcecode so we can provide to fix it by ourself.

Old 02-26-2015, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by alucard_24 View Post
I see that there is no possibility to have a working version..... so, please share the sourcecode so we can provide to fix it by ourself.
I am not sure I would want to look at the source code even if it was available. Given how well it works I suspect it's better to start from scratch. By reading I implemented my own code to initially report and eventually fully control CL hardware.

What would be good is the information on how to interact with the Corsair Link™ USB Dongle (USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C02) as thus far I have found no information of how to make this work so can only reports PSUs connected via CL Minis or H100i/H80i.

Old 02-26-2015, 08:10 AM
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On a similar topic, how about not asking me to update to "???"?

Old 02-26-2015, 09:36 AM
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or corsair could just release an API...

as it is I'm sticking with 5339, for me it does what I want... drives 6 140mm pwm fans and 2m of 5050 rgb led striplighting :) and my in-line waterloop temp sensor is working fine. So I'm not game to touch my setup. I don't have any link compatible devices and I certainly won't be buying any, though the products themselves may be perfectly fine despite the link compatibility problems. I can sympathise with users who have chosen corsair PSUs and AIO's over other brands based solely on the advertised link compatiblity features.

Old 02-26-2015, 12:40 PM
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my pc (see me profile)

corsair psu tx650m (semi modular)
Asus sabertooth z87
Intel i4770k
mem corsair vengeance 8gb
gigabyte Nvidia gtx650ti boost
corsair hydro h100 2 fan

all script followed for new install

install this version ended my system Windows 8 64bit Pro
no antivírus or another equal
Asus drivers and suite v.56
usb legacy disable in bios for test in this version
in version before nothing change and work but
this new version :

1: device not recognized cpu fan temp oscillating etc

horrible tempting


pc reformatted

version 2.7.5359 nstalled
this yet work for the moments


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Old 02-27-2015, 08:56 AM
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Exclamation Still broken

Hi Corsair!

After being a very happy ram customer of yours since forever, it hurts a lot to get such appalling software and drivers for your (previously) excellent hardware.
What happened?

Case in study:
Corsair Link v3.1.5525
btw: What is actually so new with this version that it merits a major version increase? (Besides the GT-hardware releases)
  • H100i detection:
    For me it does detect the H100i(without the USB registry mods) but it apparently has a lot of trouble actually showing the values.
    v2.7 was not able to detect it but v2.6 could without dropouts(What happened there?).
  • AX1500i detection:
    Same issue as with the H100i and that probably is because the PSU uses the Corsair Link Digital connector to connect to the H100i.
  • Core i7-5930k detection:
    This also has the same issue as the H100i and the PSU with "loosing" connection now and then but I really can't explain why this is because this is certainly a different device then the H100i.
  • Asus X99-Deluxe motherboard detection:
    As usual some sensors is "lost" now and then here too but it gets weirder. There is allot of duplication of sensors that i can't explain...
  • Geforce GTX Gigabyte G1 980 (x2 in SLI) detection:
    Only one of the GFX-cards show up. Now, this was a listed issue with v3.1.5525 but i do have to ask: This worked in v2.6; What happened?
  • Samsung 840 Evo detection:
    Works without trouble as with previous versions.

Ongoing issues and "papercuts"(Through v2.6, v2.7 and v3.1)
  • Meter positions(system tab):
    Semi-fixed since v2.6. It seems that it still can't remember the meters positions when resizing. The ones in the edge of the program always gets moved around for me while the ones in the middle seems to stay put through resize. Sometimes they get moved further in and sometimes further out but could also be totally random.
    EDIT: I take some of this back as all meters seem to move down, at least when moving the window from monitor to monitor(different resolutions).
  • "Always asks to save":
    This seems to be related to the issue above with resizing. In v3.1 it seems to not ask to save if the window is not resized. If the window is resized and I have meters close to or outside the edge of the window it asks to save because the layout actually changed...
  • Slow hide/show of main window
    Main window seems to take ridiculous amounts of time to open. This should not be a problem. Sure it might be that the devs decided to unload the main window when closing it but it still takes to long to show and come on guys: Memory is not a problem today(plus you should want to sell more memory )
  • Annoying Splash screen
    Yes, we know you are proud of the Corsair brand name but the splash gets old after starting it a couple of times. Could we at least get a setting for that. It does not matter if it is shown by default, just give us the option of removing it.
  • Annoying startup notification:
    It would be nice if we could hide this notification. After a couple of startups it is really not necessary anymore.
    Even MSN Messenger had this:

    An option in settings would also be nice...

This is how my Corsair Link v3.1.5525 looks at the moment:
  • H100i temp gets lost and comes back.
  • Core i7 temp gets lost and comes back.
  • ASUSTeK Motherboard(#1 with 40C current temp) gets lost and comes back.
  • AX1500i temp gets lost and comes back.
  • ASUSTeK Motherboard(#3 and #4 with 51C current temp) duplicated(?).
  • ASUSTeK Motherboard(#5 and #6 with 29C current temp) duplicated(?).
  • ASUSTeK Motherboard chassis fan 3 and AUX fan IN1 duplicated(?).
*I hid one duplicate, of the ASUSTeK Motherboard CPU aux fan fan.
*I also hid the CPU opt IN as this is the same as H100i pump rpm(no problem).
(how do i easily unhide meters/sensors?)

TLDR; is that for me v3.1 is better than v2.7 in that it actually detects the sensors correctly without registry mods but... Some sensors do blip in and out. It is weird because 2.6 the monitoring of sensors worked without dropouts. Sure you still had to do some registry tweaking but it worked.
Bottom line is I will go back to 2.6 when I get the time. Could have done so now but I was writing this wall of text(Hell i could have been gaming but...).

It hurts me to see your company like this but as much as it hurts me I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend Corsair products to friends, family and clients.

Corsair, please get your act together(At least on the software side).

(Sorry for the grammar and spelling. I am not a native English writer. I'm Swedish and not a writer at all )

Old 02-27-2015, 03:06 PM
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Default Maybe put some info it is not a bad thing....

"Registry edits needed to correctly discover certain USB devices (H80i and H100i) are not being correctly installed on some Win 8 systems. Manually editing the registry on these systems is still needed."

What does it mean? any infos about that?

Old 02-27-2015, 09:45 PM
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Most messed up thing is that it reads everything fine in the taskbar if you right klick the trayicon... but in the program it self half the stuff doesnt read, or just reads once in a while and than not again.

I bought this HX750i because it had the Corsair Link option, but it doesnt work... starts to feel like a waste of money now.

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Old 02-28-2015, 05:15 AM
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Originally Posted by mrchips1 View Post
OK- Much better than before. The only, and I mean the only, complaint I have is:
The LED's don't boot from cold iron to the last saved profile unless your last saved profile was WHITE. If it was RED for example, it comes up pink. I imagine this is because it boots in WHITE then blends with the RED that was in last saved Profile. In order to sort this out, you have to go into the full program itself (not the one in the start menu) and toggle it to WHITE then back to RED. Also, the Profile button on the lower left is very sticky. But if you go into the Options page you can change them rather easily. This was not the case on the 2.XXX version. So, in that regard it is a little worse. All in all, it's livable, but still not completely right. However, we're moving in the right direction.
I have exactly the same problem. Corsair light is now pink eventhough I set it to RED. Need to reset it to another color or even white, then back again to red.
Was this issue present in the previous version?

Old 02-28-2015, 03:34 PM
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Capturar.JPGI have the same issue cooling temps , return to version 2.7.5339 and almost everything is OK, just the HHD missing temp because has same serial number with other .
Again no support for SSDs pci express?

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Old 02-28-2015, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Skymanrc View Post
I have exactly the same problem. Corsair light is now pink eventhough I set it to RED. Need to reset it to another color or even white, then back again to red.
Was this issue present in the previous version?
To fix that problema here the solution, works for me . Note that is just for flash firmeware after you can instal other version of Corsair link, but dont update firmeware anymore if everything is OK.

1. Uninstall Corsair Link.

2. Reboot.

3. Install Corsair Link Version 2.4.5110.

4. Flash your H80i/H100i to 1.05 *sierra2.bootloader has stopped working* will appear once the progress bar gets to 100% but don't worry this is normal.

5. Re-launch Corsair Link and set your desired color i.e Red, Green, Blue etc.....

6. Fully shut down your rig and wait about 60 seconds.

7. Boot up and after about 5 seconds the CPU block LED will change from white to your previously selected colour.

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Old 03-01-2015, 09:24 AM
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Default Feature Request - lighting tolerance and stop zero rpm fan blinking

I actually love the corsair link, it's worked great for me. I can't find a thread for improvement suggestions, so I'll post it here.

1 - can they out a tolerance feature on the temperature linked RGB control? I link to my cpu temp, but even a .5deg change results in the color shifting slightly, which can be annoying because my cpu temp changes by that much almost every 2-3 seconds. If I could set it to a constant color over 2-3 deg temp steps, that would help. Having a gradient change like it is now would only work if the temp was polled constantly, but it's only updated every second or so and changes too widely meaning I get an annoying flicker every few seconds.

2 - GPU fans need to have a check box to indicate they have a zero rpm mode. My GTX970 sits at zero rpms unless under load, so it's always blinking red! My AXi750 PS fan also does this, but it doesn't blink red.

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