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Old 03-05-2015, 11:39 PM
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Update # 12 : MEGA UPDATE , V1TECH, Sleeving Done, Tubing Done, hiccups and more!

ok everyone! i finally have time to update this build, and what an update it is!

first lets start with my sponsor V1TECH!

for those of you who dont know they make some pretty sweet back plates and can customize then to your needs! they also can do a lot of custom acrylic work. They also have a vinyl plotter that can cut you what every stickers you need..

on to the photos!

the vinyl stickers came in a sweet envelope!

going the extra mile here, thanks guys :thumb:


the upper right sticker was designed to fit in the psu channel. so i cut some leather vinyl and installed

apply sticker!!

install psu

I also tasked them to see what we can do about the pny not so theme fitting blue pcb. what they made me was a master piece!

look for your self

leather vinyl makes a come back and imo makes the back plate! it looks so clean!

Thanks V1Tech for supplying some beautiful pieces!

ok next up are the cables! like almost all of my builds i like discarding the OEM cables and just custom making them for that tailored fit! theres just enough slack to easily install but not so much so that it bunches up. I used UPC supplies and their AEGIS sleeve


8p cpu



rear view


front view

i also bent the tubing...shinyyyyy

next i mounted the radiator

ekwb <3

sleeved fans

install 1

install 2


mount the rad panel

install pump and tubing!

during the final installation i noticed one of the headlight leds were burnt out =( i ordered one and it was supposed to be here today, but the mail never came (10" of snow today). grrr so once that comes ins. i have to sleeve it, install then i can can shoot the final outter shots!

tomorrow though i will post part 1 of the inner final photos!

thanks for sticking with me through this build! its been a good ride!
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Old 03-06-2015, 01:32 PM
Abirli Abirli is offline
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Update # 13: Final Interior shots!

wow! the day has finally come... and none to soon at that! the build is actually due today and will be on display at the FITES 250 man lan event this weekend. a few times since i've been building have i sat back and thought, wow.. i cant believe it turned out this well :p. from an idea to design to building i knew it was going to turn out sweet but never this polished, never this clean.

I want to thank all of my sponsors for supporting me on this build, with out them this build wouldnt have been feasible. I also want to thank all of you for stopping in, asking questions, giving constructive criticism and all of you're kind words through out this build. it's very humbling that you all like the work i do :thumb:

The following shots are mainly focusing on the interior chambers, as soon as the led arrives i will take the exterior photos.

please enjoy

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