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Old 12-10-2019, 01:16 PM
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Default Quick and Dirty K95 Idle Profile for Newbies

Just got my K95 RGB Platinum and have been trying to work out how to turn off the LEDs automatically when it has been idle for a given period. I was surprised to discover that this is not a built in feature, although it can be achieved with a few tricks. As this is NOT at all obvious to a novice user like myself, I will describe my simple solution in the hope that it may help someone else...

1) Create a couple of profiles, one called Awake and one called Asleep.

2) Set up Awake with all of the lighting effects that you desire.

3) Set up Asleep with all lighting off.

4) Within the Asleep profile, add an Action and select Profile Switching from the drop-down. Set the switching mode to direct and select Awake as the profile. Also click on the Enter key in the top window. In Advanced, select Retain original key output.

5) Within the Awake profile, add an Action and select Profile Switching from the drop-down. Set the switching mode to direct and select Asleep as the profile. Also click on the Enter key in the top window. In Advanced, de-select Retain original key output.

6) Within the Awake profile, add an Action and select Timer from the drop-down. Set an appropriate delay, say 20 mins and check Restart Timer. In Advanced, set Action trigger to On Release and check Retain original key output. In Stop, set the Action to switch to the Asleep profile.

To test this, set the Restart Timer to 30 secs and press the Enter key with your Awake profile active. After 30 secs of keyboard inactivity, your Asleep profile will kick in. Now press Enter and your Awake profile will kick in. Leave it alone for another 30 secs and Asleep will kick in again. Once you are happy that it works, set the timer back to a sensible delay. Any press of the Enter key will reset the timer, so under normal typing conditions the keyboard will stay awake.

This is a quick and dirty work around until Corsair get round to implementing this feature properly. Unfortunately only a single key can be assigned to the Profile Switch and it MUST be the same for both profiles for it to work properly. Enter is a good choice of key as it is one of the most frequently pressed during normal typing. As implemented, mouse movements will not wake up the Asleep profile.

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Old 02-08-2020, 03:10 PM
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Damn, crazy this still isn't implemented in the main software.

I've been using idlekey which has done the job, more or less, but it doesn't work for me under Win10. So now that I'm actually finally "upgrading", I'd hoped maybe Corsair would have added this simple function somewhere.

Anyways, since idlekey doesnt work, I started a remake in autoit. Just putting the finishing touches on it, will post in a day or two. As it stands, it's a direct replacement for idlekey. You can set 3 different timers, at which point, after that length of inactivity, it will fire up a seperately named dummy process that you can link to iCue and it will recognize, and have iCue load a different profile. Upon any input (mouse/keyboard), it will kill the process and iCue will go back to whatever your normal lighting theme is.

As I said, it's basically a fresh version of idlekey and despite being a little hackey, has worked quite well for me for a couple of years now. Also it's entirely in script so anyone can play with or mod it. Will start a new thread in a day or two.

*edit* Done, thread is here:

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