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Old 10-03-2017, 11:09 AM
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Angry this is ridiculous

Originally Posted by SpeedyV View Post
Ray and SIV were the only reason I even bought a CLCP and all of my HD-RGB fans.
This all seems so strange and wrong, especially after all Ray's done for the Corsair devices solution. I too bought a CLCP because of the level of control and integration that he's brought to the Corsair H/W with SIV. I really hope he gets unbanned here, as he is so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about the customer.

Historically H/W-centric companies don't do as well in the S/W realm, because it's not as important an investment area - it most cases the associated S/W is usually more of an afterthought. This clearly appears to be the case with Corsair.

Case in point, look at the ongoing quality issues with CL and the CLCP. I came to this forum a little over a month ago because in my new build a sleep/wake cycle would cause all the sensors to get duplicated each time in CL (when CL didn't crash, that is). I discovered SIV, and how it could replace multiple apps I have in terms of overall system sensor monitoring (Ray's LCD Panels are epic).

Then I ended up buying a CLCP, because I could tie my fans to other devices in the system (coolant temperature, GPU temperature, ambient case temperature, etc.) Great! Except that when the fan RPMs are evenly divisible by 256, the fans completely stop! Really, Corsair? Are you kidding me? You call this an acceptable level of quality? CLCP is a fan controller, marketed as controlling up to six fans. Your advertising fails to mention the fact that it doesn't work very well. This issue has been known for a month and a half now, and it is still not addressed!

Honestly, I don't know why I bother with Corsair anymore. I have had two Corsair PSUs die on me in as many years, and one memory set go bad. And my brand spanking new Corsair Commander Pro is basically worthless to me unless I run it at a fixed RPM so that the #*%@$ thing doesn't keep turning the fans off as my machine goes through the fan curve as it heats up and cools down.

This quote from Andy Paul is amusing (he is the CEO of Corsair, been there since the company started), from their jobs page: "We have a history of innovation based on understanding our customers and developing top notch products that enhance their experience."

Unfortunately I'm not seeing the "understanding our customers" and "top notch products" that Andy is talking about. And the only "enhancement" of my "experience" with their products is that I am very frustrated.

And on top of it all, they ban the one person who is perhaps the most passionate about supporting CL, CLCP, et al. This is completely ridiculous.

Ray, if you are reading this, have you thought about setting up a forum on your website, perhaps? It'd be great to be able to converse again.

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Old 10-03-2017, 03:12 PM
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Exclamation Ray is my hero!!

I just made an account today because I really don't understand why Ray was banned, it's seems to be very unfair.

To this day, I haven't seen a person so helpful at trying to solve "strangers" problems. He did a great job with SIV and I even bought a Corsair Commander Pro because of him!!!
Ray from my understanding was been doing troubleshooting for free here in the Corsair forums, even detecting bugs on the sofware and enhancing Corsair Products customer experience, without any sort of profit.

I sure hope Corsair Forum Admins, or even Corsair Administration takes a deep look at how helpful he was been through all these years, because I am sure without Ray, most of the people that come to the forums looking for help won't find it anymore.

In my opinion, I find more disrespectful Corsair Dev Team completely ignoring Corsair Link problems for all these months without even an vague answer as > 'we will look into this' or a 'thank you' for his support through all this time. It is not for any reason that this thread is high rated and continues to have development until today.

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Old 10-03-2017, 04:58 PM
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Thumbs down Pathetic.

Originally Posted by SpeedyV
Ray and SIV were the only reason I even bought a CLCP and all of my HD-RGB fans.
Without Ray's support for CLCC and CLCP, I never would have purchased them, as the forums at the time were replete with users complaining about the persistently buggy software.

The only "toxic" thing around these forums is the lack of official support for software problems; Ray could be acerbic, but rarely insultingly rude.
With how many times he repeated himself for various solutions, I'm surprised he wasn't more bitter.

Originally Posted by 5kft
And on top of it all, they ban the one person who is perhaps the most passionate about supporting CL, CLCP, et al. This is completely ridiculous.

Ray, if you are reading this, have you thought about setting up a forum on your website, perhaps? It'd be great to be able to converse again.
Hear Hear!

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Old 10-03-2017, 06:47 PM
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Default Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear!

Originally Posted by rifter View Post
Hear Hear!
Agreed, though if you care, you may want to be careful about what you post regarding Ray and Corsair. It seems to be a sensitive subject, and if they don't like what you have to say, you may find your post deleted. This has happened to me on several occasions. If they really don't like it, you may be banned.

I have followed this forum for several years and there are 2 things that have remained constant. Corsair releasing obviously untested, buggy software and firmware, and Ray trying his best to find the problems, offer solutions, and providing assistance to Corsair customers at every technical level. Ray has helped dozens, hundreds, of people with every sort of problem. He has provided Corsair with detailed, itemized lists of problems, and often times provided solutions, that hardly ever seem to be implemented. Yes he would lose his patience sometimes but who wouldn't if in his position?

SIV is a whole other discussion. The program was developed as a system monitoring tool - a very powerful system monitoring tool. Adding support for Link controlled devices was done after he realized how bad Link was. He has pointed out that the code involved with controlling Link based products is a relatively small section of the overall SIV code. When someone would discover a problem, he would fix it. If a feature was requested that made sense, it was added - usually within a day. New platforms and technology - X99, X299 - Skylake X, X399 Ryzen & Thread Ripper, Z370 - Coffee Lake, CPUs with more than 16 cores - all supported, already.

IIRC, Ray was banned at least once before but I guess they were able to work things out. Towards the end, he was really trying to work with Corsair. They even sent him some eval hardware. The only reasons they would do that were to either help him add support of Link devices to SIV (doubtful) or to help them debug Link and firmware issues. So he set up the hardware and proceeded to find and list problem after problem after problem. Isn't that what they wanted? In many cases, he also provided a viable solution. Isn't that what they wanted? He respected NDA restrictions on privileged information, like he should have. So what did he do that would warrant being banned?

Perhaps that is between Ray and Corsair but I have a feeling it had something to do with the recent release of CL and CLCP firmware 0.3.153. It's clear that CL is a complete disaster that has broken the interlocking required to access the SMB buss, resulting in operational conflicts with SIV, HWiNFO64, AIDA64 etc. I recall Ray fought long and hard to get Corsair to do it the "right way" and now, in what was evidently a planned regression, they undid it all. I think everyone has a limit and I suspect this move pushed Ray past his.

So now, Corsair has quite a mess on their hands, and they have banned the one person most likely to be able to help them fix it. Their presence on the board continues to be erratic, limited to their business hours (since we all know that no one runs into problems at night or on weekends), and posting advice that is usually limited to either reboot, re-install, or RMA, while never addressing the real issues.

I may get banned for stating all of this. Who knows? I can't say that I really care. The only reason I come to this forum is to see what Ray is up to and to learn from him, and ask his assistance with my Corsair hardware and SIV. I gave up on Link many releases ago. I don't ever run it except to re-blow the firmware into my CLCP when it locks up. SIV functions so much better than Link ever has, with much lower system overhead, and does a number of things that Link cannot. It's a no brainer for me. Without Ray, there is nothing for me here. I may hang around and watch CL crash and burn while Corsair reps issue lame advice and dodge the real issues, but it seems that I can tune in for more of that anytime.

So best of luck to you all. Red Ray will end up somewhere else and I hope to follow him there. If he drops support for Corsair products, I won't be purchasing anymore anyway.

Old 10-03-2017, 07:07 PM
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This thread has been locked. While we appreciate the efforts made by the members of the forums, discussion of SIV is something best done with the creator of that software.

We are aware that this action has caused controversy, and we want the community to know that we did not take this action lightly. We worked with Red Ray for a long time in earnest to implement ideas and features, troubleshoot bugs, and document methodology. But unfortunately, despite numerous discussions, he chose not to treat CORSAIR forum users and staff with respect, and while he did assist a number of users, he was also, by far, the most reported user when it came to breaking forum rules and civility guidelines. This type of toxicity could no longer be tolerated in this community.

As said before, we want the entire community to be welcomed and feel comfortable discussing things at any level. Nobody should be made to feel foolish or insulted when asking for help.

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