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Old 09-19-2015, 10:42 AM
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Default sdk help (VB6?)

hi now that the SDK has been released and i do not know C++ , C or Lua i was hoping someone could write up a little simple function to handshake(if its required) with a k70 RGB in Visual Basic 6 i kind of have a rough idea the functions and subs need called separately but i was having trouble understanding the SDK manual because it seems primarily written for the C language and not having an understanding makes it quite hard, if i could get to grips to the way the SDK and dll interacts with Visual Basic maybe just a simple few ways to turn on a led or maybe a few by assigned key press it would help me on my way to learning more. If anyone can help feel free to post here or send me a PM thanks alot guys (and girls!) this kind of gives the idea of what i need...

Declare Function CorsairSetLedsColors Lib "CUESDK_2013.dll" (ByVal idforled As Integer, cred As Integer, cblue As Integer, cgreen As Integer)

this throws errors obviously. sorry for seeming blunt and to the point im very tired and iv had no sleep :P im only interested as i used to do a little bit of playing around with VB6 back in the day and feel i could be comfortable with getting it to do basic things such as colour choosing and patterns if i can learn the advanced stuff from the help of the lovely forum and the awesome programmers iv seen on here :)
Old 10-26-2015, 12:28 PM
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I just gave a quick look into the SDK examples and from what i have seen is that the dll does not have those functions exported for Winapi. You could write a wrapper dll to call those functions.

If you really want to script in vb6 and don't know how to make a wrapper dll I could send you my project that does not need this sdk to set the lighting. (the project is written in vb6 and uses libusb drivers to communicate with the keyboard. K70RGB Only).

I am too looking for a way to use the SDK in vb6. Just so i dont need any libusb drivers anymore. So maybe in a few weeks i will write the wrapper myself.

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