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Old 07-31-2013, 06:21 PM
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Default Projekt Suma Kuhl 2013

Here I present what I believe is a one-of-one 800D mod. I haven't seen one online quite like it. I'm sure you will enjoy my journey!

Now before you go any further, let's get a few things out the way. Understand that I am NOT trying to win trophies for aesthetics. I am NOT going to color the Noctuas. I would appreciate any negative comments about the fans to be discussed elsewhere. I have seen plenty of build logs where these fans are used get pages of negative comments. What a waste. Thank you in advance.


This is my build before the mod. My temperatures were horrible, mainly because of where I live. Gaming in the summer is just not possible without a $400+ electric bill from running the A/C. Time for a "minor" adjustment.

I cut the OEM mid-plate to serve as support for the removable MoBo tray guide rails.

After gutting the case down to a skeleton I installed some robust case handles 'cuz I expect this case to be around 80lbs+ when I'm done. Also A proud moment here. All of my measuring, and remeasuring proved fruitful as both 480mm SR1s with fans fit in the bottom of the 800D. This point in the build was make-or-break. #WIN

This is the mod to the top portion of the case for the upper guide rail. I used the OEM lip that was exposed after removing the MoBo tray. Couldn't have worked out better!

Test fitting the MoBo tray and guide rails.

This is what I stuffed all of my hardware in during the mod so I could still use SkyNET. I had to gut this case just to fit it all. I started to like its smaller footprint in my cave. But, the fans were just too loud.

This is the poor excuse of a blanking plate I initially used for the MoBo tray. Too flimsy - back to the drawing board.

After studying a few removable MoBo trays from various case vendors I came up with this - a 16-gauge solution!

Test fitting the completed MoBo tray mod.

The initial assembly begins!

After some friends paid back loans I bought some paint to get this bare metal touched up A.S.A.P.!

I went acrylic with the top part of the loop.

Looks SO much better. Then I rearranged the guts so that when the final order arrives all I have to do is slap the 3rd rad in.

Side panel cut.

Final order arrived.

Draining SkyNET.

The SR1 is just MASSIVE!

8-pin EPS tucked behind the MoBo.

All components and hardware installed!

I hope this is enough Pastel Ice White.

Leak testing.


That's it for now. To-do-list includes finishing the side panels, and cable routing in the back. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the front panel. No rush for that though. If you are wondering I didn't chop the top of the case for the 480mm rad. There is about an 11mm gap between the fins and the roof of the case. Then about a 7mm gap for the air to escape. All of the Nocutas are resisted, so they aren't blowing a ton of air through the rads. For 12 fans to be running this is one silent build!

Stay tuned...
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480mm, bitspower, black ice sr1, ekwb, noctuas

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