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Old 05-31-2015, 11:54 AM
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Default Did AX860 ruin my SATA drives?

First off, I'm happy to join you folks. I am putting together my first PC in nearly ten years back when I was a college freshman. I have to say, pc building is so much easier nowadays and holy crap... cable management in cases these days is fantastic. Also I'm happy Corsair is a major player in the enthusiast market now. Ten years ago, the only Corsair product I had was RAM, now half the price of my PC is Corsair products. I'm especially happy Corsair has added some much needed refinement to the pc case market (Looking back at all those hideous alien pc cases from a decade ago makes me shudder).

Enough of the brown nosing. I guess I'm a bit rusty these days and I'm having some issues with my new build. Specifically, I seem to be having issues with two of my SATA devices (Optical drive and SSD). I suspect that the power supply may have fried them.

These are my build components:
  • Gigabyte Z97X-SLI mobo
  • i7-4790k cpu
  • Corsair AX860 modular psu
  • MSI GTX 970 gaming 4g video card
  • Corsair vengeance pro (2 x 8 gb) DDR3 ram
  • 2 Crucial MX100 (512 GB and 128 GB) ssds
  • Pioneer BDR-2209 optical drive
  • Corsair Carbide 500r case

I initially connected my cpu, ram, videocard, 512gb ssd and optical drive to the mobo and psu and was able to POST successfully. At that time, I didn't bother going into the bios to check device status since I still had additional peripherals to connect for my build. What I do know for certain is that my optical drive was working upon initial POST. The drive LED came on and I was able to eject the tray and insert a Windows 7 install disk which loaded up fine. I don't know if the 512gb SSD was ever working since like I said, I didn't check status in the bios and I didn't attempt to install the OS at the time.

I shut off after first POST and connected additional peripherals, then tried to reboot. That's when I ran into my first problem.

Problem #1 (Resolved???)
My computer went into an endless boot loop before even getting to the BIOS. Unfortunately I don't have a mobo speaker to listen for beeps, but I began troubleshooting. I removed and reconnected all components except the CPU and heatsink, cleared the CMOS etc. I suspect the issue was that the modular 8 pin ATX_12V cable was not properly seated. After I moved that cable to an alternate connector on the Ax860, the PC booted up normally and I got into the BIOS.

Current problem
After problem #1 was apparently resolved, I have a new issue. Neither my optical drive or 512gb ssd are powering up or being detected by my bios. The led on my optical drive is not lighting up and the tray can not be ejected. The 512 ssd is also not being detected in my bios. Like I said the optical drive was 100% working during initial POST. From everything I've read, DOA SSDs, though possible, are a very rare occurence. I have used my second ssd (128gb mx100) in place of the 512gb. The 128 ssd appears to be functional and was detected in the bios.

I also tried to troubleshoot both failed devices with an external SATA to USB adapter on a separate computer and neither is powering up or being detected.

One thing to note is that I initially had both the 512gb ssd and optical drive connected to the same PSU cable which has four SATA power connectors and the data cables to the SATA 0 and SATA 1 ports on my motherboard.
Is it possible that something was fried causing both my SSD and DVD drive to die during the endless loop cycle?
Or does this seem to be indicative of a power supply or motherboard issue?
I just think it's very odd that both devices just stopped working or perhaps DOA for the ssd. I plan on RMA'ing both devices. But what would suddenly cause an optical drive to stop functioning? I am worried there may be a bigger culprit than just these two components. Also if the power supply will be an issue, I want to avoid headaches down the road. I don't want any other fried components.

I apologize for my long rambling post
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Old 06-05-2015, 04:55 AM
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Are you sure that ALL of the cables you used are from the AX860? What does it say on the side of the connectors? Any of the connectors say anything different from the others?

FYI: AX Gold (650, 750 and 850) cables are NOT the same pin-out as AX Platinum (760 and 860).
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Old 06-05-2015, 06:56 PM
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Thanks for the reply- It's awfully quiet in here.

Well I haven't had any other modular PSUs so I don't have any other cables except those that came with the AX860. The cables say "760/860AX only" and I had them plugged into one of the [Peripheral & Sata] plugs on the power supply.

I spoke with a guy in Corsair tech support who told me that he'd heard of only two similar instances and the Corsair warranty does cover damaged components if I send them in as well. Doesn't matter at this point. I've already RMA'd my drive and ssd back to the manufacturer. I'm just scared this will happen again when I actually have accumulated data on my computer.

I guess I really should send in the PSU for replacement as well but it seems to be working fine at the moment besides my suspicions that it ruined my SATA drives. Also I'm getting a bit impatient - really want to finish this build.
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ax860, optical drive, psu, ssd

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