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Old 10-14-2014, 05:20 PM
snfo snfo is offline
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More than a year that I'm waiting for that (About 20 months to be more precise)

Old 10-14-2014, 06:47 PM
robbob4 robbob4 is offline
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I probably did not need to go this far back, but honestly I just wanted something to work and be stable. I followed the steps outlined here to revert back to Corsair Link - 2.4.5110 -
and downgraded the firmware of my h100i down to 1.05. Corsair no longer allows the download of the h100i firmware somereason but I was able to find it here: If you have a h80i there is an alternate download to it on page 2 of the first linked thread.

Old 10-16-2014, 02:24 PM
torbjornjonsson torbjornjonsson is offline
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How far is Corsair link from a version that really works? A version that's not RC or beta crap ?

Old 10-17-2014, 08:16 AM
IEYA IEYA is offline
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link v2.75361 3 bugs 1) no h100i detection 2)no control over fan speeds 3) no ssd detection removed previous software and profiles as instructed installed latest as advised,running windows 8.1 x64 asrock xtreme 9mb, corsair platinum 32gb, i5 3579k cpu, radeon hd 7800 gpu, OCZ ssd, wd 3t hd all temps showing, leds ok hope this helps. best wishes ieya

Old 10-17-2014, 04:45 PM
Chachus Chachus is offline
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Default Still no H100i detection

1. Corsair Link v2.7.5361
2. Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
3. Still No H100i detection and no CPU Temp. detection
4. My H100i isn't still detetcted from the software and the CPU temps are 0 °C and only some times, for a few seconds, it display the temperatures.
Note: The Legacy USB support is disabled
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Screenshot 2014-10-17 22.30.23.jpg (228.3 KB, 200 views)
File Type: jpg Screenshot 2014-10-17 22.34.13.jpg (235.5 KB, 201 views)

Old 10-18-2014, 03:21 AM
Billy1981 Billy1981 is offline
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1.Corsair Link v2.7.5361
2.Windows 7 x64
3.H80i only detects what you see in the picture, temps for my hardrives are wrong compared to HWMONITOR

Last edited by Billy1981; 10-18-2014 at 03:25 AM.

Old 10-18-2014, 08:06 AM
IEYA IEYA is offline
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link v 2.7.5361 after installing this supposed cure all updated software fix I am afraid I first of all suffered 3 bugs as reported only now to report that everytime I boot my rig up the software opens showing a doubling of some of the fans, temps, leds, ect ect but half of those showing 0,i can sympathise with my fellow patrons about this ongoing farce. we place our faith in corsair who produce some great products but you really need to sort out this particular metamorphisis Please restore faith to your followers and sort it out

Old 10-18-2014, 12:28 PM
gr8sho gr8sho is offline
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This release works as advertised.

There is a longstanding bug in the handling of custom images. If the uploaded image exceeds a certain size, CL fails to display the UI. The coders need to add some checking code, or implement scaling on the import to make it work correctly.

Old 10-19-2014, 08:14 AM
ukunox ukunox is offline
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Default Does the community do Corsairs programming job now?

Its pretty realisic that Corsair awaits the community to solve
their faulty software issues...

Old 10-20-2014, 07:54 AM
Artistar Artistar is offline
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Just installed this New Link into my machine: it doesn't recognise my other GTX 780 which is set in SLI?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Asus P8Z77 V LK
I7 3770K @ 4.5 GhZ
Zotac GTX 780 X 2 SLI
Liteon iHAS 524 D DVD recorder
Pioneer BDR 208BDK Blue-Writer
Kingston Technology KHX16C10B1BK2/16X HyperX Series 8GB X 4
Western Digital WD20EZRX 2TB Green SATA III - 6Gb/s Hard Drive - HDD
XFX.850W Semi-Modular 80+ Bronze PSU
Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus USB 2.0 ATX Case

Restarted the machine and only one working GPU shown again..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last edited by Artistar; 10-20-2014 at 05:20 PM.

Old 10-20-2014, 08:20 AM
Artistar Artistar is offline
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Just a quick question: what does it mean when an item pulses red?

Old 10-21-2014, 03:29 PM
Hansch1986 Hansch1986 is offline
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Got a lot of problems with the software. Just build a new system on Z97 platform.

These are my specs:

Motherboard ASUS Maximus VII Formula
CPU Intel Core i7 4790K
CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H100i (with Corsair SP120's)
GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 4GB (2x)
Memory Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 16GB DDR3-2400 CL11 kit
Power Supply Corsair Professional Series AX860i
Case Corsair Obsidian 750D Black
SSD/HDD 1x Samsung 850 Pro 256GB + 1x Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 3TB
OS Windows 8.1

Problems with the Corsair Link software:
- Didn't recognize my H100i and AX860i powersupply. Needed to fix this in regedit.
- Temperature readings of CPU are not functioning.
- Due to not functioning reading of temp. CPU custom fan controls not working.
- No proper readout of the AX860i PSU. Cannot see the load, temperature, fanspeed or efficiency.
- Only one GPU shown in software.
- Hide/Show from taskbar icon not properly working. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
- No proper image for Corsair Obsidian 750D. Ofcourse you can import custom images but you would imagine that Corsair includes this with their software.

Old 10-21-2014, 09:15 PM
LoWRiDeR82 LoWRiDeR82 is offline
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Latest release

1)Doesn't detect my H100i
2)Doesn't detect second graphics card in SLI

I have the Gigabyte Z97 Black Edition motherboard, and yes, I did disable Legacy USB....

I was a big fan of corsair...but I lost faith. Can't believe you guys can't get your ***** together and launch a software that works after almost 2 years.

It is ridiculous.

Last edited by LoWRiDeR82; 10-21-2014 at 10:11 PM.

Old 10-22-2014, 04:47 AM
Fredroberts1 Fredroberts1 is offline
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Default HDD temps not updating

1. Link v2.7.5361

2. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

3. Hard drive temps not updating

4. The HDD temps are only updated with the correct values when Link first loads. Afterwards they do not update at all, even if right-clicking the temp and selecting Reset Device. Drives are Seagate Barracuda 1Tb and Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb.

Quite annoying as I want to control the front case fan speed based upon the drive temps. (Via the second Y-cable to the H80i.)

I was also thinking of buying a Commander Mini but the issues I have read about and continue to see have put off that decision for the last 10 months and counting.

5. Images attached of Link and the HWInfo gadget showing HDD temps.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg HWInfo HDD temps.JPG (10.0 KB, 191 views)
File Type: jpg Link 2.7.5361 HDD temps.JPG (113.8 KB, 244 views)

Old 10-22-2014, 10:55 AM
emailx45 emailx45 is offline
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AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN............

Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.7.5361


3.. ETC....

Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.7.5339


my PC:

1 - CPU INTEL 4770K (OC 4.4Ghz)
2 - ASUS Sabertooth Z87
3 - Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866Mhz (XMP)
4 - Corsair Power Supply TX650M
5 - Hidro Cooler H100i (2 fans OUT-take)
6 - Gigabyte nVidia GTX650Ti Boost 2GB 192Bit DDR5
7 - VGA 19'' LCD (normal cable connected)
8 - 2 HD Seagate 1TERA (same model)
9 - 1 HD Samsung 322GB
10 - Windows 64Bit PRO w/ MediaCenter (not update pack)

all .NET Frameworks 1, 2, 3 and 4 versions
directx 9, 10 and 11 version

AVG Internet Securite (2014 or 2015 installed sometimes - only test new files copied to HDs, after uninstalled)

Software ASUS Updated Bios 2013, SUITE III from Asus site

ALL RECOGNIZED + 3 tmp (motherboard sabertooth thermal)


I wonder how can such a prestigious company in this area, launch an application with so many problems since its inception. And, appoint a new realese as corrected.

Where is the quality control? Is there any manager of quality products? Is there someone who can at least test the releases posted on this forum?

And, further, is there someone who can at least come out and say: Sorry about the flaws in our current release of the software, we will be off the air until we can find a company that can take our error!

Last edited by emailx45; 10-22-2014 at 10:59 AM.

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