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Old 06-22-2020, 06:54 PM
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Default DIY made a suspension strap for my Virtuoso SE

While i absolutely love the headset, from its build and construction, its sound quality, to the mic quality, one thing I found was that it was just slightly too heavy for me, and that has created a hotspot when the headband sits right at the tip of my skull, giving me some discomfort at the top for long wearing sessions.

My solution? put a suspension strap on it.

The problem was that there is really no good way to mount the strap, and that the end of the band isn't down far enough to make this a perfect strap (like headphones that are designed to use one in the first place)

Things i used was very simple, just a punch tool, some metal grommets, some aluminum crafting wires to hold it, and obviously a strip of leather that you can purchase from any fabric retailers.

Here's the end result:

Comfort level I will still have to test longer as I have literally just finished this, but I can say that the weight distribution is already slightly off centered at the tip, which means it's working. however, I think i made the strap a tad too long, maybe 2mm~3mm too long, which makes headband just sit a little on the strap making it not fully suspended, but again this is very hard to do due to the mounting point not being able to be lower than it is like I've mentioned earlier.

With that, here's a few suggestions/ideas for corsair on their next high-end headset:

- flexible suspension strap design instead of a headband, or at least an option

- slightly less clamping force

- slightly longer on the length adjustment (it's long enough for me, but i can actually see that if anyone want it just a bit longer, it can be a few mm short)

- slightly deeper cups (this and the less clamping force would solve a lot of issues some people have with the insides pressing against their ears)

- maybe go back to oval cups, although these circle ones aren't bad

- give it more juice! the dac feels a little weak.
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