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Old 01-22-2013, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by mechanical View Post
Should i just open the keyboard and clean it and let it dry in sunlight? do you guys think this will work? my only concern is that i'll loose my warranty by doing this but do you guys think its worth the shot?
We don't cover liquid damage, so unfortunately the warranty's already gone.
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Old 01-22-2013, 01:10 PM
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Do you have any compressed air? When you spray it does any moisture still come out of the nooks & crannies of the keyboard? If so, further drying might do the trick. Like I said, I left mine in the various drying positions for a long time - face down on a towel, then out on my patio propped up on one end, then the other end. Sort of like a 3-stage drying process...

It's extremely hard to disassemble the Corsair keyboards - there are hidden screws (I think I read that one is under the Corsair logo, for example). They were not designed to be taken apart. I didn't do more than remove the keycaps.

Again, because you have the K90 instead of the K60 - because of the LEDs and additional circuitry, I wouldn't have a guarantee that something wasn't ruined initially because of the spill itself.

However, if it was mine I'd just try the same method again that I posted - making sure I left it to dry as long as possible. Take off all the keycaps and blast it again with air and then do all the various drying steps.

Since your spill was water, you should have less of a chance of sticky keys - water doesn't tend to leave a residue behind. However, since keyboards collect dust & debris because they are face up during use, what may have happened is that the water washed some of that dirt into the mechanical bits.

If the 2nd attempt at drying doesn't work, I'd get the alcohol or distilled water and re-do the entire cleaning process, that way you might free up whatever is causing the mechanical issues...

I really hope this works for you, my friend - it's such a drag when you have the keyboard you really want and then you have an accident.

Edit: Here's the link where I read about the hidden screws, although there are no pics or further news yet:

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Old 04-12-2016, 08:29 AM
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- The best way to clean your keyboard properly is open it up and use isopropyl alcohol on it. It isn't something forbidden because since Corsair doesn't RMA this type of issue, it is completely useless if u leave it there or wait for magical thing happen (which I believe there wont be any).

Upside: there are plenty of guides over Youtube or websites that show you exactly where to locate hidden screws.If you cant find your model, find similarity such as K95 = K95 RGB / K95 (RGB) = K70 (RGB).

Downside: you lose your warranty forever. But then again, who cares if it is useless.

Just few extra notes:

- If you cant manage to get Isopropyl Alcohol in your area, soak whole circuit board into hot water then use toothbrush (soft type) to clean dirty places. After that, use dryer SEVERAL TIMES on it to make sure it is dried before plugging it in your computer (water may go underneath those SMDs IC so use drier several times is recommended)

- Be careful with ribbon cables and its contact points. You dont wanna mess it up.
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Old 11-05-2016, 10:38 PM
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Sorry to necro but on the K90 the hidden screws are located under the Corsair logo (careful when prying it up as it could crimp) and under the curved cover piece just to the right of the knurled volume control cylinder. Again, gently pry it up with a small slotted screwdriver. You should be good to go, then. Hope this helps someone in the future! :)
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