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Old 01-12-2020, 04:03 PM
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Default LL 140 fans on hub that comes with LL 120?

so i want to buy a 2 pack of LL 120 fans, and 1 LL 140 single fan.
i have 3 LL 120 fans from before with 1 hub and 1 node, so my questions goes: can i use the LL 140 fan on the hub that comes with LL 120 pack, and then connect that hub to the node i already have? so in the end it looks like this:

6x LL 120 fans connected to 1 hub
1x LL 140 fan connected to 1 hub
both hubs are connected to the SAME lightning node, and the node ofc goes to motherboard usb.

does this work or is the hub that comes with LL 120 incompatible or something although i doubt it, just want to be sure

sorry if this is wrong place to post this, didnt see a place for fans
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Old 01-12-2020, 06:31 PM
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You can mix 120 and 140 fans of the same type on the RGB Lighting Hub. It doesn't matter. The program is counting LEDs and both 140 and 120 have the same number. You put them on the RGB Hub in the order you want them to fire.

Your current obstacle is the funny 7. This creates a delimma as to use 2 RGB Hubs and split the fans in some logical way (4+3, 2+5) that makes sense for your lighting needs. Or the other option is to get a 3rd part splitter that will make two of your LLs run off one RGB Hub port. That will also make them do the same pattern at the same time. 7 fans act like 6. This saves you an extra RGB Hub and SATA connection to power it.

If you use two hubs, they will go into two RGB channels. It doesn't matter if they are on the same LNP, LNC, Commander pro or not. 2 channels means you must set 2 lighting patterns.
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Old 01-13-2020, 01:23 AM
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Just to make you aware....

These are a thing

Corsair RGB Fan splitter by Pirate Dog Tech

this will allow you to run 2 RGB fans off of 1 out put on the RGB Fan LED Hub...
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fan, fans, lightning node, ll 120, ll 140

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