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Old 08-15-2018, 05:10 PM
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Default Using different profiles for different devices at the same time

Currently, I'm using two keyboards, Lighting Node Pro, mousepad (for some reason it stop detecting, not relevant) and getting a Scimitar soon.

I have a Strafe RGB for normal typing tasks, gaming, etc. I use an older K70 RGB for macros with Autohotkey.

My issue/question is whether both of these keyboards can have different profiles/different lighting independently (or as close to that as possible). Lighting works for both keyboards at the same time with no issue, but both share the same profile.

From what I can tell after messing around with it, it doesn't matter if I make new profiles or try saving them to each device individually, any lighting effect that I add applies to both keyboards, even if they activate individually (keyboard 1 activates effect 1 when typing, but keyboard 2 doesn't -- keyboard 2 activates effect 1 when typing, but keyboard 1 doesn't). In other cases, both keyboards activate the lighting effects at the same time (this happens when I add my Node into the picture). So really, I have no idea where to start for trying to do what I want here.

I hope I'm explaining this correctly enough. Both keyboards can't seem to have different profiles (one having type lighting only, the other static lighting only, etc).

My main goal is to have my main keyboard have type lighting and my macro keyboard to have static lighting so I can differentiate my macros by color but it doesn't really help when both keyboards share the same profile.
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Old 08-15-2018, 06:46 PM
c-attack c-attack is offline
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I think the type lighting is going to be the problem. It is not an "added effect", but more like a master override applied across the system. As you have noticed, there is no independent keyboard control and you can't have different effects for two different boards. I think the solution for that is to save the profile to each keyboard individually, but then you would need to run without the software active, something that may be more trouble than it's worth.

Then there is a rather large final obstacle. Keybind and macros will apply to both boards. If you bind F7 or ALT+TAB to whatever, it will apply on both boards, somewhat negating the intent of having a "macro board" in the first place. Unless someone else has a very clever idea, I am not sure this is going to work at the present time.
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Old 08-15-2018, 07:11 PM
PhotonWolfsky PhotonWolfsky is offline
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I actually have my macro environment set up without Corsair's software. I already figured out that macros can't be separated. I use Autohotkey and Interception for overriding my second keyboard using .ahk scripts. It works correctly.

My only issue is the lighting since I want to color code my keys based on what type of macro I'm using (blue keys for type 1, white for type 2, etc).

I didn't notice any difference with trying to save profiles directly to the board, though, I didn't really try much on that front either.
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Old 08-15-2018, 07:22 PM
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good man :) I would say that just as you and c-attack mentioned, the static lighting profiles should work if CUE could not see the keyboard, but I think you would not want to uninstall the drivers each time or as he mentioned not run it.

SDK integration might be able to help as it cannot distinguish between boards of the same type (I don't think so anyways).
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