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Old 07-24-2019, 01:24 PM
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I'm back. I followed your original list along with the suggestions on the VCCIO/SA voltages, ran Cinebench R15 and then ran OCCCT for 5 minutes for a quick stress test.

Everything's fine so far. Cinebench just brushed 90C at its highest but was mostly in the 80's. It also didn't instantly shoot up to 100C like it did originally back when I made this post. I'm fine with that, it's something I'd expect and I believe is about normal. Overall score wasn't amazing at 1935 but I guess that's because I'm not hitting 5Ghz yet.

OCCCT was absolutely fine. It was 68-73C and stable around there. It didn't increase. The clock speed was hitting 4500Mhz but I'm assuming that's because it's using AVX instructions? I set the negative AVX offset to 2, so that would make complete sense. CPU Voltage dropped to about 1.6V / 1.5V here too. Again, I'm assuming completely normal.

Now I feel more comfortable, I'm probably going to begin playing around with it to get higher clocks. I think my issue with temperatures is largely solved and, where it could be better, I think my new thermal paste will improve it.

Just one more question:

CPU-Z reports 1.181V vcore. This being 0.02V lower than the value I set is called "vdroop", right? Slight follow-up; If it's having no issue hitting 4700Mhz at this voltage, the silicon lottery is looking to be in my favour, right? Haha.

I know I've said it loads, but thanks again. When you start off knowing absolutely nothing about overclocking and your £400 purchase starts burning in front of you, it's really frustrating and upsetting. I'm glad to have it working and to now have the knowledge on how to deal with something like this in the future.

Not sure if this forum has it but I'd say the post can be labelled "solved" now.
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Old 07-24-2019, 03:17 PM
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Yes, you will see the Vcore just under the set value at some points and likely just a bit over when running Cinebench or another max load test. At LLC 7 I see about a 0.012 to 0.015v add on, so your value makes sense for LLC6.

Silicon lottery? You won’t know until you test, but the results so far are certainly good, not bad. The funny thing about approaching the limit is how drastic the changes are in temperature or efficiency in that last tick or two. You think you are ahead of the curve and then the limit jumps right in your face. You go no further. On the other hand, there are also CPUs that are piggy on voltage at lower levels, so you think it will be a low limit. Then they just keep going. Yeah, it needs 1.40v, but it is 5.3 GHz stable. Of course, we always want both — high limit and voltage efficient.

You may be interested in this. I didn’t remember it also had R15 data or I would thrown it out right away. Keep in mind this is the top 10% of his binned CPUs, but look how much variation there is in the R15 numbers — 20C at 5.2/5.3 and this is among top binned samples.,6038.html

Solved. Lol. They don’t close threads here unless people are nasty. You’ll get an email 5 years from now that someone has responded to your thread asking if their “Salton Sea 22290K should be under 90C like this person or if they should bought the Corsair H480 Titanium Pro cooler.”
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