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Will not upgrade, and yes ran it with Admin Priv
I also tried by closing down Link before trying to upgrade...

Why give us a "Upgrade" when the process of upgrading does not work. As it seems only way it to fully uninstall previous build before using this... which I find a utter lack of experience and professionalism....and again The massive lack of disrespect from Devs and staff here to red-ray member. For god sake have the guy fix the problems I'm sure if you gave him access and permission to the tools used and code he could resolve all these issue that have been around since creation and seem to be lied about being fixed when in fact have not. And further more if it wasn't for him 90% of users here wouldn't know whats really been fixed, looked at or even bothered to resolve.

I seems to be a huge lack in knowledge in the way this tool is being created. I think the dev's must be 80 year old guys, locked up in a room somewhere since the program was first created and not allowed to have any contact with the outside world and only code and create in very old ways and don't know any better as they are unable to research and use current better ways this can only be the excuse and reason for all this

This sections is a complete joke, I'm disgusted in the lack of response and action from its dev's here when it comes to its members

If staff and dev's don't start replying to its members especially people who do some much research and help so much like Red-Ray (god knows how is has thr patience to still do what he does with lack of respect from dev's never responding or replying to him) I think its about time people see what corsair here are truly about and start junking there products buy a Kraken NZXT or something... Just look at CAM 3.0 all the features and what it does in much less time than Link has been out.. and it makes this Link look pathetic. CAM 3.0 is the way to go and they take everything there users take on board and develop the was the users want..

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