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Default Double Shot Key Caps

Hello Everyone,

There has been inquiries in regards to double shot key caps. My question is, how many of you would like the option to purchase a set if they were available? If so, how much would you spend?

What is double shot key caps? "the process of molding plastic around a preformed metal or plastic insert. This has been a popular process to create very durable keycaps in the past"

How will it benefit you?

Maximum contrast lettering: the legends are bold and vibrant and pure in tone, with smooth edges and uniform colouration.
Zero wear: the legend will never wear, as it runs right through the surface of the keycap.
Colour freedom: the keycap and legend can each be of any colour desired: this lends itself well to custom keycaps where a wide range of colours is highly desirable.
Feel: the legend and the keycap are one, and the legend cannot be felt while typing.

^ pulled from wiki because it's easier

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