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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
You can write your custom fan curve to the cooler. As long as your fan curve is based on the coolant temperature, it will run without requiring Link. You will, however, need Link to set it up.

You can but there's no need for this. Again, if you are based on coolant temperature, you can write the settings to the hardware. Why base on coolant temp? Because that's what the fans actually cool. CPU temperature is going to spike and drop, spike and drop. It's highly variable. Coolant temperature is far more stable and steady and, since it's what the fans actually are cooling, it's the most appropriate control variable.

You're fine with one set of fans connected to the cooler, whether it's the stock fans or the LL fans. If you want to have push/pull controlled from that fan header, you won't be able to do it.

They are noisy, yes. The PWM leads will adequately power your LL fans.

Even if you have a header that provides more than 1A of power, I wouldn't bet that it'd work the way you think as the pump was designed for a 1A header. Additional current may blow a fuse or overload the wiring. We'd need Corsair engineering to confirm this.

If you do want to run more fans from that single header with a curve based on pump temperature, I would recommend a powered PWM hub. There's one from Silverstone that would do the job nicely.

Additionally, if you use a Commander Pro (CoPro), you can do something similar. If your fan curves for the CoPro are based on the temperature sensors connected to it, you can run your fan curves without Link (in hardware). Adding a temperature sensor in the exhaust flow of the radiator fans will give you a good indication of the radiator temperature (it'll be a little lower but not much).
Thanks for all of that information, it definitely answered the remaining questions I had and one I had forgot to ask. I had figured link was writing the fan curve to the pumps pwm controller but I didn't want to assume. I'm probably going to just run my LL fans off the pumps PWM connections since the noise on the stock ones is annoying and it will be the easiest to wire. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to trying to overclock when all this is said and done :)
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