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Originally Posted by PJH View Post
Hey, hey!

X99 boards are not supported.

Not sure why the attachment is not showing up, but here is confirmation from Corsair about it in the link.
That's not quite true.

The RGB PRO works fine on my Asus X99 Deluxe II, just as long as BCLK is at 100MHz (and SPD_WRITE is enabled of course). If you enable XMP and the BCLK is forced to 125MHz then iCUE loses communication with the DIMMs.

The workaround is disable XMP and ensure your BCLK is at the standard 100MHz, iCUE will then detect your DIMMs, set the lighting configuration you want and then re-enable XMP.

The only issue I found beyond that is animated lighting effects go out of sync between DIMMs in the absence of iCUE, but if you set a static lighting config there are no sync issues.

Alternatively, I found that putting the four DIMMs in the first four physical slots to the left of the CPU socket (as opposed to the first four logical slots which are grey) would allow iCUE to see and control the DIMMs. Downsides to this are it's an unsupported configuration according to Intel, and theres a good chance the RAM is only running in dual-channel mode. Not exactly the end of the world but I didn't buy a kit of four just to run in dual-channel mode.

As for the BIOS revision, I've wound back to the last 2017 version (pre Spectre/Meltdown) to see if any further issues appeared. Everything still works just as well as with the latest BIOS. Obviously the system is potentially vulnerable to these exploits but that's easier to live with than the performance hit introduced by the updated/patched BIOS (this system can be nuked and fully restored in under half an hour, a minor inconvenience if the system does actually fall victim).

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