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Try either a static color as DevBiker said if you are okay with just one color or turn the LEDs off completely.

If you want to have RGB effects, however, choose one of the hardware Lighting ones (those will remain saved even when iCue isn't running) for each of your devices/fans, set your desired fan and pump profile, then exit iCue. Remove iCue from Windows startup and also use services.msc to change the Corsair Service to Manual start. Then reboot the computer. With iCue no longer running, the disconnects no longer occur on my system (at least on my H115i RGB Platinum + Node + RGB Hub with 7 ML-RGB fans + 2 ML Fans. And the settings still remain saved for me even if I shut down the computer.
Hence I now only start iCue manually to change settings on the iCue compatible products, then exit it again and close the service. The cooler and fans set to Rainbow Wave have been operating flawlessly since, no more disconnects at all, not even with Steam running (which always caused lots of disconnects/reconnects as it doesn't seem to play nice with iCue). I hope this will work for you as well until Corsair fixes their iCue software.

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