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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
I think you can leave the new RAM in the box, especially at the current prices. I would try and find a second confirming source for the beep code, preferably a Gigabyte one. While probably the same, we are getting into really difficult testing part. Checking your CPU or motherboard is a pretty expensive obstacle. I suppose the obvious next step would be to reseat the processor, if you have not done so already. Perhaps Dev has some more ideas.
According to this link from Gigabyte, 5 beeps on an AMI bios means "CPU Error"

I resat the CPU and had no luck. In the process, I snapped some pictures. Does anything look wrong? I didn't see any burn marks or anything obvious, but maybe I'm missing something.

Imugr link in case pictures don't work:

And so it seems that we know its not PSU, RAM or expansion cards (due to beep codes) so if its not the CPU that only leaves the motherboard? Could updating the BIOS possibly help? Can I even flash the updated bios if the computer does not post?

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