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You can create a custom curve any time you need with the + button. Within it are fixed RPM and fixed % settings. However, none of that will do much for a test that lasts 30 seconds. The most your coolant is going to go up is 1-2C and that means the most you can lower it is by 1-2C. Maybe if you were keeping the fans artificially low you might make up some ground, but this is not a heat exchanger or external chiller, so the coolant temp won't go any lower than the case ambient. It doesn't matter for a multi-thread R20 run. It may matter more for actually use and that seems to be what you should look at for temps vs this short high intensity benchmark --- unless you are about to start some CPU rendering projects. If the VID is 1.37 then I am going to assume your actual Vcore is elevated as well. Voltage=Temp for this. 0.05-0.10v less will reduce temps far more than any cooler settings.
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