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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Jackie, what did you decide to do with the radiator fan control point? Did you opt for the pump control or the motherboard?

If you went for pump control, you will likely want to make a custom fan curve. The included default curves were designed for a 20-23C room and most us get outside that window at some point during the year. You can simply slide the whole scale up a few degrees or come up with something that suits you. This is the preferred means of control and it offers more consistent fan speeds compared to CPU temp control. Fans should be linked to H100i v2 temp group.

If you go from the board, that is fine as well. There is no negative side to the cooling performance, however the inevitable side effect is frequent changes in fan speed as they try to keep up with the very dynamic CPU temp. You don't need the fans to do this and water coolers can absorb a fair amount of heat before CPU temp (and coolant temp) is affected. If it comes down to a choice between MSI software and Link, I understand that and would probably opt for board control for now as well. Hopefully, MSI has some built fan delays to prevent the frequent fluctuations. Unfortunately, while present on my Asus X99, it does not work for the CPU temp based control.
Right now I am running the cooler fans thru Corsair Link. Going to leave it for a while this way and see how it doed when I fire up flight simulator.
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