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Default Why risk it?

  • Don't change version if you're 98% happy with your current setup, and are hoping to make minor improvements.
  • Don't change program if you're miserable with your CUE 2, and are hoping that ICUE will fix some things that you're miserable with.
  • Consider changing if you're making changes to your system and are going to be creating new profiles.

ICUE has a crisper look to it then CUE 2.

If you want to make new profiles for new software then ICUE looks nicer.

If you want to modify existing profiles, or are happy with the way things are working right now, ICUE offers nothing in the way of functional improvements for the purpose of operating backward compatible keyboards or mice.

After changing from CUE 2 to ICUE my profiles were successfully imported, however ICUE failed on me when I copied existing imported CUE 2 profiles to make new profiles.

With Corsair software, changing from CUE 1, CUE 2, and ICUE, is misnamed when called an "UPDATE". Each is different software and has different bugs associated with it. You're fooling yourself if you call it an update.
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