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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Setup 1 would be the officially supported solution. You can get some sequential effects with iCue but Pong isn't in there yet. It might work best, depending on your layout, to split the fans as 4/3. When I had 7 LL fans in one of my systems, this was how mine were configured. Now I have 8 and they are split 4/4.

Setup 2 might work but it's not supported. Check out my link on the making/repairing RGB cables for a image of someone that has done that. The challenge that you'll have would be that 7 LL fans may go over 4.5A total current draw, which would be bad. This is the max current on the 5V SATA rail so it's a pretty hard limit.

Setup 3 can be made to work but you won't get pong with the seventh fan and some effects would be wacky ... and a couple of other things. You'd have the strips ... then connect the last strip to the fan hub using the NoPro/FanHub cable (2 wires/3 pins). With 4 strips, you've have a total of 56 LEDs, which would be equal to 3 1/2 LL fans or 4 2/3 HD Fans ... so you could configure it as four LL or 5 HD fans. Forget about any kind of sequential effects. Personally ... one of my systems has a similar configuration - I have 4 strips connected to a fan hub with 6 ML-RGB fans for a total of 64 LEDS. I have it configured in iCue as 4 LL fans.

Thank you very much for your detailed reply this definitely clears things up!
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