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The issue is very likely caused by Z390 Taichi/9900k. I just built a new rig with the said parts this week, and I'm experiencing the same polling rate -> fps drop issue.

It seems a quite common problem with the z390 chipset, or the Asrock/Taichi product line as I discovered someone experienced same issue with his z270 Taichi.

Do you see any differences after switching to Rival 600? I'm using Rival 500 with 1000hz polling rate. Mouse movement causes cpu spikes which leads to fps drops in games like League of Legends and GW2. Haven't try my previous Scimitar but I assume there won't be any difference as my older Rival 500 (replaced because of sidebutton double click), which operates flawlessly on my previous build, has issue on this build. The problem really seems to related to the mobo and cpu.

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