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Default H100i RGB Platinum | Pump header does not illuminate with MSI x470 Gaming Plus

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Corsair H100i RGB Platinum cooler and connected it to an older intel board, same manufacturer as my current one (MSI). It was an MSI z87-gd65 Gaming mobo and I was successful in illuminating all sections of the cooler. Today however, I upgraded my ancient dino system to new parts.

Here are the parts that were installed:

MSI x470 Gaming Plus
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x CPU (8 core 16 thread)
Corsair H100i RGB Platinum (plugged to CPU_FAN1 header)
G.Skill F4-3220C16-8GTZR

These parts were all new (except the cooler as I had it 2 days before updating the mobo / ram / processor)

After getting everything up and working without much issue, the only issue I have now is that the RGB node surrounding the actual pump head does not illuminate. The fans illuminate and work with the iCUE software (and it recognizes the h100), but the pump will not illuminate whatsoever.

I'm wondering if the pump needs to actually be plugged to W_Pump 1 header or leave directly on the CPU_FAN1 header.

Does anyone have this issue, or has anyone had the same issue with this? I would really like to keep the cooler as I just purchased it from Fry's locally the other night and it worked flawlessly on my old system. Just not sure why the LED's on the pump head all of a sudden will not light up or work.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

It would be greatly appreciated, as after scouring the forums for an hour, I cannot seem to locate anyone else with this issue on these parts.
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