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Originally Posted by TiberiusKane View Post
Hi, looking for some help with my K55 and ICUE.

I've had a K55 keyboard for a few months and it's always worked perfectly.

Decided to buy a glaive, wireless void pro and the st100 stand as wanted to sink up my RGB.

I seen for the mouse, headset and stand that ICUE should be used.

I downloaded this, it found all my hardware and could use lighting sink for all apart from keyboard, I understand it's a basic model and doesn't have the ideal lighting but that's fine as long as it all works.

So everything now works bar my keyboard, I can change colors through ICUE (when the keyboard shows up in ICUE) It doesn't always, but now whenever ICUE opens to control lighting the numlock, caps key lights won't show as lit or not. I type alot on the keyboard so it's a feature I need.

Is there anything I can do? I've downloaded multiple versions of ICUE but same issue with all.

Can I not use ICUE and change lighting on mouse, headset and stand another way?
Assuming you just have CORSAIR peripherals in your setup. You can simply go back to CUE 2.X.

It's also possible that your K55 may need a firmware update. In iCUE/CUE2, go to settings and find the firmware update options for the K55. Run the update and see if that resolves the behavior you've mentioned.
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