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Post [K65/70/95] Tactical DayZ Profile

Hello Everybody!

First off, thank you for your interest in my profile! :)

I am TheNyJan and this is the first Profile of my new series "TheNyJan's Gaming Profiles", where I will create K65/70/95 RGB Profiles that aren't meant to look absolutely awesome but assist you gamers out there in every possible way while playing games, having all (or as many as possible) informations about your game literally at your fingertips! The profiles will be optimized for each game individally, so you don't have to do the work yourself!

This is my first Profile, a gaming profile that is designed around DayZ Standalone. (You can also use it for the mod, but not all keys will be lighted up correctly!) In the following Video, you can learn everything you need to know / see about this Profile, so have fun watching it :)

Please watch the Video until the end to see all functions :)
Music by Cleptomanics92 @ YouTube
Im am sorry for my bad camera.


Important: If you want to change the lengh of the Reload Animation or turn it off completely, you can do so!

Changing duration: Under Lighting search for "Reload" (it also states my name in the notes), edit it and edit the duration.

Turn it off: If you find the animation distracting or you just don't like it, go to profiles, select "DayZ" in the dropdown menu, select the tab "Assignments" if it's not already selected, rightclick the "R"-Button and click "Reset to default". Voila!


Note: If you have switched the Space / V Keybindings (Space = Jump, V = Lift / Lower weapon), then you can use this profile without editing by downloading the Space Remap version.



This Profile SHOULD be compatible with ALL K65, ALL K70 and ALL K95 layouts. If your layout ist not supported out of the box, please notify me or fix it directly and send the fixed profile to me, so I can add it here! Thanks!

Standart Download:
"" in Attached Files
// Normal download

Make sure to read all 4 "Important:" and "Note:" Notes in my post before downloading!

Space Remap Download:
"" in Attached Files
// See note above


Important: In this Profile, some key inputs are actually emulated by the driver. If a key keeps sending input althrough it is not physically activated, just press it again to send annother key release event to the system. (This should fix the problem)

Important: This profile is linked to DayZ by default, but since my DayZ isn't installed in the standart location, you'll probably have to correct the linked application in the profile settings. Go the the location, where DayZ is installed and select "DayZ.exe", then click ok.


If you have any wishes for changes or suggestions for future-profiles, let me know down in the comments!

Thank you for reading all of this!
Regards, TheNyJan

PS: The next Profile will probably be a BF4 one!
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