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H70i, I h7ave a s0im0ilar problem and you may h7ave not0iced th7at 0it adds th7ese part0icular numbers wh70ile I type th7ree keys: wh7en I type "h" it adds 7 right next to it, when I type "g" 0it adds a 4 next to 0it and wh7en 0i type "i" 0it adds a 0 0in front of 0it. Th0is 0is really annoy0ing4 and I couldn't f0ind any solut0ion to 0it. Could 0i h7ave press some wrong4 buttons someh7ow? Please help...

My keyboard 0is Corsa0ir K55
p.s. I cant even wr0ite Corsa0ir...
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