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Originally Posted by Jojoairbus View Post

I even don't know how this is possible. Why did it explod? I read something that in the water cooling system could grow algae and they would produce gases which could lead to an explosion due to high pressure in the system.
But I assume the cooling liquid is resistant to this.
I run these hydro's in all my builds and am familiar with many issues since using them but Ive never seen one come apart like this,even more perplexing is you stated the computer was off.
Was it by chance in a sleep or hibernation state?
It doesnt appear to have exploded as the cover locking tabs seem intact but looks as tho it simply came apart...but even so even with this cover removed the liquid area still would be sealed from what I see,of course Im too poor to take one of mine apart to know for sure,
Its most unfortunate this has happened to you as it seems you had a nice build.
This is certainly one for Corsair to look into to avoid a repeat
Keep up to date with Corsair on this,their good people and will do everything they can..
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