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Originally Posted by bobpombrio View Post
This is extremely sweet. I'm doing a Windows implementation as well. In (wait for it) (waaiiiittttt) C# as well.

You're welcome, and good luck!

Regrading C#, if it had direct-to-x86 compilation it would be the perfect language to write in, but having to pass through the CLR all the time makes it imperfect for low latency communication. Ultimately, you'd be better off writing a C/C++ layer that handles the basic communication loop and pass that up to higher code.

For example, in C# in Windows using HidLibrary, I get around 12ms per packet, whereas rewriting the low level code in ANSI C using direct Win32 calls and plugging it into LUA, I was able to easily hit 1ms per packet (the limit Windows/USB2.0 will allow).
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