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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Do you have a speaker attached? Any beep codes?
Unfortunately, you don't have a BIOS error code display - assuming that your PC Specs are accurate. That's what you'll need to get to - what the BIOS error is. Whatever it is, it's definitely hardware related. Was anything recently changed? Updated?
I built this PC back in 2015 and it was working fine till like Friday, when its Fans gained full throttle and the screen turned bluish-black while i busy texting on my phone. I thought it would be an update or something but I found no changes what so ever on the monitor for over 30 mins. Then I force shut down the PC by holding the power button. Next morning, when I try to switch it ON, I face this cycle issue.
NO Updates, NO changes were done even to the hardware.
My Motherboard has a Q-Code LED display which is showing "00" which means "not used" according the motherboard manual. Some are saying dead CPU, some are saying Motherboard failure, while some are pointing this issue to be of CPU over heat. Today I would try to re-install the H100i and re-apply the thermal paste just to rule out the CPU over heat possibility.
As far as PSU is concerned, I think it is okay as When I start up the system, fans spin, Motherboard's light do glow. Would you still think it is a PSU problem?

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