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Originally Posted by terabyte View Post
Well, if you're going to use the keyboard for typing too then you should have done some more research. Silent switches are linear switches just like the red switches, for typing (and for those not used to mechanical keyboards) brown or blue switches are a better starting choice. I've always preferred brown switches myself being a coder, but I recently switched to a keyboard using speed switches (which are even more sensible than the silent ones). I can say that they are indeed much different to handle and it takes time to get used to them.

And I don't really understand your problem with "CUE not updating". Which OS are you using? And which CUE version do you have installed? The latest version is 2.8.70 and you can download it from the Corsair's main site downloads area.
Oh so going into best buy and asking for a responsive gaming keyboard and not being told they have tendency to roll keystrokes and no where online in reviews stated such as a problem so dont give me that.

Also I did state I was using windows 10

((edited portion)) I admit I edited the above post but never changed anything regarding the OS type used. Having said that perhaps instead of sighting that I do my research perhaps you can read thoroughly. Also I am only here to bring up awareness of my specific issue since there seems to be a sheer lack of it and that only points me to believe my keyboard is defective and junk. So blow your research out thy *** plz.

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