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Default Any fix yet?

So I just bought these from Best Buy a couple days ago. I have not received my computer yet (should get here on Wednesday) but I'm getting all my peripherals together. I noticed the incredibly low volume on my PS4 for starts, and it seems to be a pretty common problem. Sure, there is one person here and there with no mic volume issue, but it was the FIRST thing I noticed about the set.

I'm literally on the verge of packing them back up and returning them if there isn't a fix for it yet. I'm already a little disappointed there's no 3.5mm jacks, as I had planned to use these with my PS4 and Xbox 1 as well as PC. Again, it works with my PS4 with the USB dongle, but the mic volume is SO low as to be nearly inaudible.

They sound great - which is the only reason they didn't go back the same day I got them - but if there's no official software/firmware fix, then they're going back. If it's simply a faulty mic capsule, then there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I may wait a couple days and see if I can't resolve the problem using the software, but if this thread is any indication, then I'm pretty sure that won't work either. I will probably just use a pair of good headphones and my Blue Yeti mic. That seems to be the generally superior option at this point - for PS4 as well, believe it or not!

Anyway, I hope there's a solution. It is rather disheartening that Corsair hasn't commented on this thread in some time now.
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