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Default Remapping returns correctly

Originally Posted by Reapexx View Post
So I figured some things out with CUE's XML files and such, and have concluded that I am able to implement mode switching without disabling a key's original function. Using this, I will be implementing a typing mode that disables the keyboard lighting effects when someone hits enter (to open the text box in game) then reenables them when enter is pressed again (to send the message in game).

It will take a while to make a second profile for those who prefer to use Flash on F, but it will have the above feature included when it is released.

Also, I've been working on a Spectator Mode! Certain keys will have toggleable lighting to mark if certain spectator mode functions are on/off (such as fog of war, character sheet, etc.). I'm working on the colors for this mode, and it will be released at the same time as the above features!

Here's a list to summarize:

Next update:
  • A version of the profile with Flash on F!
  • Spectator Mode! I have to write a short guide so people know what the lighting corresponds to.
  • Pressing enter switches to a typing mode that has lighting effects disabled. Pressing enter again to send the message switches back to the previous mode.
Hi I really enjoy this profile, I don't use the standard keys on it So I've had to switch a lot of the action and lighting theme, I use 1234 with summoners on ER.

Now I've manage to change everything over correctly except for the process listed above. LoL profile 1 goes to typing 1 and returns, but due to the fact I removed all of the other profiles except LoL profile 1, The others will go to their associated typing profiles but won't return. Anyway you can point me in the right direction?

Thank you kindly.