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holy support forums batman!!! a corsair employee answered, shame there's no content to the answer.

Yes, it's Monday in the USA. It's also 3 AM in California. No one's at work THIS early
Ok so that covers today then? what about the last 3 weeks or more since some at your end bothered to update everyone here?

Your ticket has been answered, and you've responded to it.
My question was not answered though was it?
my question was when the software would be release roughly. seeing as you guys had given a rough estimate before I didn't think asking for a new estimate was to much. Obviously I was wrong.

I have nothing to do with the software development or release.
so why the hell are you posting here about this problem?

Corsair are dancing gods? .... Sure, i'll go with that.
Oh i see your here to try and troll pissed off customers on your employers official forums. Smart