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Originally Posted by shuffl2me View Post
ahhh and yet another Monday rolls around with Corsair doing absolutely **** all about this issue.
Yes, it's Monday in the USA. It's also 3 AM in California. No one's at work THIS early.

I still haven't managed to find out if they will release the beta update before Christmas.
As soon as I find out I'll post it here. I have nothing to do with the software development or release. Personally, I see releasing ANYTHING right around the holidays as a double edged sword. People have tons of time to play with a beta, but this can also create a ton of extra support tickets when it's already extremely busy.

Still have no answer to my support ticket.
Your ticket has been answered, and you've responded to it. I agree it took a day too long, and that's because somehow it went into the spare parts queue.

Corsair are ****ing ****.
Corsair are dancing gods? .... Sure, i'll go with that.
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