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Default High power draw when icue is running.

First of all the only reason i am even running the software is to turn OFF the bright yellow light on the face of my M65 mouse. But what i noticed is anytime icue is running my GPU ramps up the clocks from 135 to 1000 MHz and in turn my power supply output jumps from 157W to 226W!!! that's almost 70W just to run icue??? that's even w/ it minimized to taskbar.

I figured that was the only reason to even put that GIANT YELLOW corsair logo on the front was to get people to download the software to turn it off, and that in itself is a little tacky. Sometimes i like to leave my PC running while i'm away because i'm downloading something or whatever and now if i don't want that lighthouse of a logo it's gonna cost me 70W?? wow.

if someone knows how to permanently disable the airport landing beacon on this mouse w/out running icue please let me know. this may just be a deal breaker for me. sucks because i like the mouse and the sniper button. so... idk
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