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Originally Posted by jonnyguru View Post
There's a fan controller MCU that uses a combination of inputs to determine if/when the fan should turn on and for how long.

Load, temperature and duration. If the temperatures are high, the fan turns on. If the load is high, the fan turns on. If the fan turns on due to temperature; depending on how long the fan has to run to bring temperatures down, the fan may run a few seconds after temperatures come down to a desirable temperature to avoid the fan immediately ramping back up again too soon.

It's a more expensive solution as you're adding an MCU and you need op-amps to measure the output current, but it yields the most desirable effect.

Most fan controllers only use a thermistor and only change the fan speed based on temperature, so when they advertise that the fan increases at a particular load, they're using an "example" of how the fan would behave at a particular ambient temperature (typically 25C).
So the fan on the RMi series are control by both temp AND load?

If so that's more of a reason to leave fan on 0-fan mode I guess but the problem is my case is a bit weird it got the PSU at the top which means I gotta leave the fan on (cause the hot air rises ... basically the PSU acts as a second rear exhaust fan)

But that raises another problem since it's only a FDB fan (and not double ball bearing cause these last forever) will leaving the fan on 24/7 kill the fan prematurely? here I set it to 40% minimum (can't go below that apparently) so basically it spins at least 40% speed all the time is this bad for an FDB fan?
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