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Originally Posted by corsican View Post
alrite so when PSU load increases (eg. run prime95 & furmark at same time) how come PSU sensor #2 (the one reported by CLink) barely goes up? it stays around 35C maybe an extra C or so

on the other hand sensor #1 (the one not shown by CL) goes up by about 7C
As described above, the sensor reported in Link/iCUE is measuring the PSU internal ambient air temperature or effectively exhaust air temp. Sensor 1 measures some other specific component within the PSU. When your PSU is under load every single component in the PSU likely has a different temperature, measured or not. The ambient air or exhaust temp is a measurement of the total heat being produced from all of the components. It is a reliable indicator of the current operational state and a logical variable for fan control. There may be some additional triggers for fan action related to the other sensor, but that is the proprietary part referenced and it is likely specific to both Corsair and OEM. Regardless, it is not going to be an alterable behavior. At least with "i" PSUs you can see this stuff at all. On most others these are not reported values and you wind up doing what I usually do -- tape a 10K thermistor to the exhaust side of the PSU. If the exhaust temperature is not increasing, that means the fan (or the PSU) is doing its job. A steady exhaust air temp means you are removing the heat, but I would not expect sensor 1+2 to match very often, except when the PSU is in a low power state. Anything with current running through it is going to warmer than something else that is not electrified -- like the air around it.
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