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Well, you saw how the thread started, right?

My response was in the context of those posts that assumed the Corsair reporting was wrong or unintentionally incomplete.

I simply wanted to be straight to the point.

Yes: There are multiple sensors.

No: LINK/iCUE doesn't report them all.

Yes: If you do read the raw data from those sensors, they might not match what you're reading.

Sorry my delivery does not meet your approval (I'm not really sorry).

Do I want to get all technical in a user support forum? No. I reserve that for more technical forums where I'm then sent to HR the next day for a slap on the wrist for exposing too much IP.

Just yesterday, we just had a discussion about the whole AX860i failure thing. I wanted to get all technical on the how and the why. But I'm keeping out of it because at the end of the day, the customer wants a working PSU and telling them what's wrong with their current PSU isn't going to help that.

My response here was akin to that. You see something that doesn't jive. Assume something is wrong. I'm telling you it's not and to move on.

It's what I call my "middle ground". The alternative, for me, is to not participate at all and there's no fun in that. You'll note that my handle in these forums isn't "Corsair Jon". I'm not here because I'm required to do so. I'm here because I genuinely enjoy what I do and sometimes get a little offended when people **** on the fruits of my labor.

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