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Originally Posted by gdead65 View Post
-gunk building up in the 'strainer" and tapping loosens it for a bit.
-air bubbles constantly getting caught in the motor
These two are the most common by far. If you are able to consistently resolve it with the tapping, then it may be just air bubbles. That's annoying, but perhaps livable. The blocked up strainer would continually get worse, you may get temporary relief, but little by little average temps and efficiency get worse over time. That one only has a bad end.

Your idle room/coolant/CPU temp differentials all appear to be exactly as they should be. The quick drop after load is also good. A truly blocked cooler is terrible at that, plus a larger difference between room/case temp and coolant temp at idle. It may be just bubbles. Usually you get a bit of static-like popping, gurgling or something else to go along with that. It is also a bit strange for it to be continually reoccurring without a case shift or some kind of movement, but it is not impossible. Another way to test the theory would be rocking the case the next time to see if that alleviates the issue. Roll it so the tube in/out is physically above the block. That may help move the bubbles out, if that's what it is. It should definitely alter the sound.

Regardless, it seems like you are on top of things. Just watch out for the slow shift upward. If it's October and your new idle coolant is 35C is a 23C room, things are not right.
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