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I have had the same issues going on for about 2 yrs- (running a 17-770k (not OC during Summer months) so normally runs hot). Nothing alarming- just minor issues thoughout the year
> in a 25-26c room CPU Idle at 30c Hii5 Temp:27- 28c / moderate gaming - cpu 65-70c Hii5 Temp 36-38. Fans on performance / pump on performance
> once in awhile water temps start to rise over the 40c mark- CPU rises a bit (73-74 spikes) but nothing that is alarming. Once I stop gaming- CPU goes back to 30-35c idle Water temp takes a bit to cool down but eventually gets to aforementioned idle temps
>No odd noises no one tube feels warmer than the other

When I see the water temp get post 40c - I have to rapidly tap the block with PC off (obviously- I did it once with the PC on and all hell broke loose lol), Both cpu and Hii5 load temps drop by a good 4-5c.
Rinse wash repeat a couple of weeks later
Always wondered if it were
-bad sensor
-gunk building up in the 'strainer" and tapping loosens it for a bit.
-air bubbles constantly getting caught in the motor
-propeller issue- and tapping resets for a bit

in any event I have a noctua dh15s waiting on the side...just don't want to deal with the unbundling my cable management yet
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