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I took the PSU out, gave it a shake and nothing seems to be rattling at all. There's nothing loose in it. In addition I've shined a torch into the PSU and I cannot see any blown caps, burn marks or anything else that looks remotely out of the ordinary. Except that the PSU has this ridiculous looking plastic 'sheet' that covers part of the area behind the fan. I have no idea wtf the purpose of that is but I couldn't remove it without opening the PSU and whilst it looks like it's actually counter-productive by blocking airflow from the fan. It's probably got some reason for being there.

After reading around the internet I'm also starting to have just second thoughts that this Corsair CX600 PSU can even run this ATI R9 280 at full load.

I get third-party manufacturer sites telling me that 750W is minimum. But sure I know they like to cover themselves.
I get other calculator sites saying with my set-up that 400W minimum, 500W+ = no sweat.
I get other people telling me that this Corsair CX series are actually pretty low quality PSUs and that even a better quality 550W PSU would be a better choice...

So my question is... can this PSU run my card or not? I'm at a position where I just want to find out what the issue is with my PC. Is the PSU dead, or is the GPU dead or in the very rare case, are both of them dead?

I will RMA either one (or both) if I need to. But I would rather not RMA something that is obviously not broken..

I also thought that perhaps neither of the components were broken and that basically I was just expecting too much power out of the card than what it was able to give. The same way that if you try and increase an overclock too much, without increasing the amount of power the card is allowed to have. Then the system will just halt.

However, that was until today after taking everything apart, making sure that the Mobo isn't mounted on any extra stand-on screws. Checking the writing, seeing if I could flip the PSU the other way (I couldn't as I explained before) and just in general testing everything else.

I booted the PC with the case side off. Checked temps. GPU running at 34'C -CPU running at 32'C. Nothing abnormal there...
I hadn't even opened FurMark or ran any sort of 3D testing for that matter. But the moment I double clicked Firefox, the screen cut to a solid colour followed by another small 'snap' sound from inside the case.

The only other PSU that I have to test with is a 500W Antec Earthwatts. Which I doubt could run the card at full load in FurMark or something else, that would allow me to stress test the computer for reliability.

Otherwise I have no other GPU to test the power draw stability of the PSU.
And no other PSU (save the 500W Earthwatts) to test the GPU under full load.

Guys.. seriously please, all bs aside. What are my options in sorting out what is causing my issues, and/or which component(s) I need to RMA/return?
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