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The Vcore never sits still on Lake processors. However, you can get a quick peak value by using CPU-Z -> Bench tab -> check CPU multi-thread and then "stress CPU". This is an relatively light and even load CPU test. The core temps should hit a mark and then pretty much stay there. Take note of the core temps and the max Vcore in iCUE. You don't need to run this more than 15 seconds. After that, you are measuring cooling capacity, which is something to be looked at later once you know the BIOS is line. The voltages you cited are not high, but that does not mean the BIOS showed its full hand at that moment. The stress test should force it to.

While you are taking down numbers, grab the H100i Pro Temp (coolant temperature) from the cooler tab. This should not change at all during the brief stress test and should be about +4-7C above your room temp at idle. When the coolant temp rises, but does not come back down or is abnormally high with light load, that usually means there is a problem with the cooler. Since you were having the same issue on the Cryorig and the Pro, this probably is not the issue but always good to understand the coolant temp range.
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